– Install & Activate McAfee Retail Card

How to Install McAfee antivirus software?

The requirement of installing or owning McAfee antivirus software to your device is fabulous. McAfee antivirus runs like a protector to guard your device against viruses which can harm. McAfee antivirus is quite simple security software and it is mostly utilized to defend your device by preventing web threats and other viruses, worms, Spyware, Rootkit, Adware, Trojans, other malware etc. McAfee is great antivirus software for individual and business users. You can install McAfee antivirus quickly online from and another method using CD drive.

Some steps to perform before installing McAfee antivirus software:

Steps to install McAfee antivirus with the retail card (Activation code)

Steps to install McAfee antivirus with CD

The first thing to do before installing McAfee antivirus is to buy a CD from the approved McAfee retail center or shop. Don't forget to check that it is the proper one rather if it is duplicate then your money will be wasted. Follow below steps carefully:

  • Click on accept the license agreement option and click on OK button. You can see the below installation Window
    Download Mcafee
  • After that, you have to wait until the process gets finished
    Mcafee Installation finish
  • After that, you will see a window of the restart, restart your device once to complete the McAfee installation process using CD drive.

  • After rebooting your device you will find the McAfee product on your device, you can update the McAfee product online by click on update now button available on the dashboard.
    If you find issues while performing such procedures, contact McAfee antivirus support team at or call support team.