If McAfee LiveSafe Won’t Uninstall! How to resolve it?

McAfee antivirus software is the best security product which can install through www.mcafee.com/activate. This software gives protection from all internet threats like malware, viruses and other harmful infections. But some users face issue like McAfee LiveSafe Won’t Uninstall and also create unwanted slowdowns. Hence, in this article you will read the method to fix McAfee LiveSafe Won’t Uninstall.

Method To Fix If McAfee LiveSafe Won’t Uninstall:

Method 1: Login into McAfee Account:

For this, first you have to log in by using your email address and password which is linked with your McAfee user account. After this, you should tap on “Log in” option in order to access your account. Now, you should deactivate the license. Then, you have to go to the My Account page. At this point, you will see the list of computers which is registered to your account. Here, you have to choose the tab for the computer which you want to deactivate. Next, you should view the “Details” section of your computer. Then, you have to find the “Deactivate” button. You will view a pop-up window which asks to confirm if you wish to deactivate your license for this computer system. In case, you really want to do this, then tap on “Deactivate’’ button. When deactivated, the user can reuse the license on a different computer, if they are buying a new one or if they want to secure their different computer which they already have.

Method 2: Access Settings or Control Panel:

You have to tap on the Start button. After this, you should choose the Settings menu option. In Windows 8, you should swipe in from the upper right side of the screen and then hit on Search. Now, you have to enter “Control Panel” in the search box and then hit on Control Panel. In Windows 7 or Vista, you need to tap on the Start button and then hit on Control Panel. For user’s help, visit to Www.mcafee.com/activate.

 Method 3: Navigate to Uninstall:

First, you should select System option and then click on Apps & Features. After this, you need to choose McAfee Internet Security and then choose Uninstall option. Now, you should follow the directions on the computer screen. In Windows 8, you should go to View by and then select Large Icons. Here, you should click on Programs and Features, and then choose McAfee Internet Security. Then, you should hit on Uninstall option and just follow the directions on the screen. In Windows 7 or Vista, you need to choose Programs and then click on Programs & Features. After this, tap on McAfee Internet Security, and then hit on Uninstall option. Lastly, you should follow the prompts and directions which are given on the computer screen.

The above method will help you to fix McAfee LiveSafe Won’t Uninstall. If the customer needs any type of help related to McAfee issue, then visit to the site of McAfee software through www.mcafee.com/activate.

How To Resolve McAfee Error Code 9?

McAfee antivirus product is the wonderful software which gives full security to your device from cyber threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attack. This security product can activate through www.mcafee.com/activate. This product is perfect for all the gadgets such as Mac, Computer, laptop, and Android Phones. It monitors the network traffic and timely scans the data for harmful infections. But sometimes the user faces the issue like McAfee Error Code 9. And this error occurs while installing the McAfee Antivirus product. To fix the issue, the user can run the pre-install tool or run the McAfee Virtual technician. In this article, the customer will learn the method to resolve McAfee Error Code 9.

Method To Resolve McAfee Error Code 9:

Method 1: Run the Pre-install Tool:

For this, first you have to open the computer system and then just download the preinstall tool. After this, you need to check on the pre-install tool.exe file. Here, you need to follow the on screen directions which are displayed on your computer screen. Next, you will get a warning message. Now, you should tap on Ok button in order to make the necessary changes. When you complete the process, you have to tap on Ok button. Then, you have to hit on the close option. At last, you need to Restart your computer system and then again try to install the McAfee product in your device. If the user needs any sort of help, then you have to navigate to the site through mcafee.com/activate.

Method 2: Run the McAfee Virtual Technician:

First of all, you have to open your computer system and then navigate to the start button. After this, you have to visit to the McAfee consumer support page and then just click on the McAfee virtual technician. Now, you have to hit on the download option. Then, you need to run the tool. At this point, you will view a prompt box on your computer screen. Here, you need to save the mvt.exe file to your computer system. Next, you need to Run the mvt. Then, you will view windows user control box displays on your computer screen. You should tap on Yes option in order to run the mvt. After this, you have to wait for some time for the mvt to install and update. You should scan your device with the McAfee antivirus product for issues. Thereafter, you need to select the auto-fix option for any issues. Lastly, you have to close the mvt.

Method 3: Again Download the Installation Package:

At this point, you have to use a different web browser if you want to download the McAfee windows security product. Now, again you have to retry the installation process.

Through this way, the user can easily fix the McAfee Error Code 9. But if the customer need more details about the McAfee antivirus product, then you have to go to the official website of McAfee antivirus via www.mcafee.com/activate.  

How To Troubleshoot McAfee Error Code 12152?

McAfee antivirus software is the popular security software which can install through www.mcafee.com/activate. This software can be used for all your device such as Mac, Laptop, Computer and Android Phones. It secures your gadget from rootkits, ransomware, Trojans, viruses, malware, and other harmful infections. Sometimes user faces McAfee Error Code 52, but this error occur because of the incomplete installation of the McAfee antivirus, corrupted system files, and also improper deletion of system apps. In this blog, you will learn the solution of McAfee Error Code 12152.  

Method To Troubleshoot McAfee Error Code 12152:

Method 1: First, you have to log in to your computer’s administrator account by using your login credentials. After this, you should tap on the Start menu which is available at the bottom-left side of the computer screen. Now, you have to write “system tools” in the search panel and then tap on the Enter key. Here from the search result, you need to select system tools and then you should go to the “System Restore” page. At this point, you should tap on the System Restore button and then choose the Restore my computer system to an earlier time. After this, you should choose the restore point from the displayed list. Next, you need to tap on the Next button and then just confirm it. You need to Reboot your computer system and then you should check if the system has been restored to the previous version. At last, you should Reinstall the McAfee product just according to your Windows computer. For details about this issue, you should visit to the mcafee.com/activate.

Method 2: On your computer system, you should open the default browser and then go to the official McAfee site through mcafee.com/activate. After this, you should download the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool. Now, you need to back up your important files and then just save it to an external device. Then, you need to close all the running programs and then visit to the Downloads folder. Here, you should double-click on the downloaded MCPR file. If the customer find the User Account Control (UAC) dialog box displays on the computer screen, then you should tap on the Yes button in order to allow access to the software to make changes. Then in the McAfee Software Removal screen, you should hit on the Next button. At this point, you should go through the EULA and then hit on the Agree radio button. Now in the Security Validation screen, you should enter the displayed Captcha in the text box and then hit on Next option. After you remove all the McAfee products files by using the MCPR tool, then you should reboot your computer system. At last, you should reinstall McAfee product on your computer system and then check the McAfee error has been solved or not.

Through this way, you can solve the McAfee Error Code 52. If the customer needs any kind of information related to McAfee, then navigate to the official site of McAfee antivirus software through www.mcafee.com/activate.

What are the Best Work From Home Security Tips?

Today, because of pandemic most of the people are working from home. So, McAfee team has given some security tips for the employees who are working from home. The user can install this security software via www.mcafee.com/activate. In this article, you will read the best work from home security tips.

Best Work From Home Security Tips:

1. Maintain Close Contact with Employer:

The employees, who are working from home, should maintain close contact with their Employer. Because, employees should be aware of the new policies which the company is making as this will keep their company workers and business safe from threat.

2. Use Company’s Tech Toolbox:   

As you all know that hackers are keen interested in stealing the valuable data of the companies. Hence, it is advised that the employees must use the tech tools which are provided by the companies whether they are working from home or from offices. Employees should use the company provided laptops as they contain the firewall, McAfee antivirus software, VPN and 2 factor authencation which will protect your company’s data from external and internal threat.

3. Invest in McAfee Security Software:

It is advised you should install McAfee antivirus software in your gadgets through www.mcafee.com/activate as this will protect your device from virus and malware. This software gives you regular updates and secures your device against the emerging threats. It safeguards your data and device against phishing attacks and tech support scams.

4. Increase Security of Home Router:

If the employee is working remotely then they must strengthen the security of their home router. You should start this, by creating a strong password for your Wi-Fi network. It is advised you should not use the automatic password which comes with your router. Through this way, it becomes difficult for hackers to gain access to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You should also protect your Wi-Fi network through network encryption. This is important because if hackers gain access to your home network, they can easily gain access to your work devices. For help, go to mcafee.com/activate.  

5. Stay Current on Software Updates and Patches:

If the user gets reminders to update the software updates of your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device then you should not ignore this. You should immediately update your software. Remember, you can also set your devices to update automatically. Updates are important because it helps to fix the security flaws of your device and simply secure your data. Keep in mind updates gives new features for the protection of your devices and also remove the outdated ones.

6. Keep your VPN Turned on:

When you work from home, you should use VPN i.e. virtual private network which helps to protect the data which you send and receive from your device. This helps to maintain a secure link between employees and the company by encrypting data. When you use VPN, hackers cannot be able to see what you are doing online. For more protection, you can use Two factor authentication, as this make difficult for hackers to access your account.

For easy installation of McAfee antivirus software, you can go to the official site of McAfee via www.mcafee.com/activate.

How You Can Stay Secure on Public Wi-Fi with McAfee?

Earlier when people use to travel, they protect their password; keep their wallet out of the hands of thieves. But today in this digital world, they have to protect themselves while using public Wi-Fi. Because, un- secured public Wi-Fi expose your sensitive data which is there in your online accounts. Hence, McAfee antivirus team gives tips to its user how they can secure themselves on Public Wi-Fi. The customer can easily activate this software in their devices through www.mcafee.com/activate. This software is used for Mac, Computer, laptop, and Android Phones. In this article, you will learn how you can secure yourself on Public Wi-Fi.

Consequences of Un-Secured Public Wi-Fi:

  1. Stolen Credit Card Numbers: Hackers can easily steal your credit card information if incase, you are using public Wi-Fi. Hackers set up a Man in the Middle attack. When the user enters their credit card information to purchase online, then hacker can steal your bank information and the cyber thieves can monitor everything which you do online.
  2. Stolen Bank Account Information: Attackers can steal your bank account information if you totally rely on public Wi-Fi. When you log into your online bank account, they can monitor your online bank account like if you enter your payment card information while banking or shopping online. It is advised never use public Wi-Fi to shop online or never check your bank account details. For help, visit to mcafee.com/activate.
  3. Steal Username and Passwords: While using public Wi-Fi you log into the site, then you enter your usernames and passwords. But the risk of exposing log-in credentials to hackers increases. Hence, when you log into bank site and enter the details then attackers can easily snatch those credentials and can log into your bank account. It is advised never access financial sites through public Wi-Fi.
  4. Infect your Computer with Malware: Hackers can send malware to your devices such as laptop, smartphone etc. while using public Wi-Fi.

Stay Protected While Using Public Wi-Fi:

  1. Check your Settings: First, you should check your settings on your devices like PCs, Macs, smartphones and tablets. You should turn off the features which will automatically connect your gadgets to public Wi-Fi network like Bluetooth.
  2. Change Passwords: The user should change your passwords before travelling. If you log in to your accounts through public Wi-Fi, you should keep new and complex passwords.
  3. Updates Your Software: It is advised you should update your software and apps and do not ignore it. You should install McAfee antivirus in your device via mcafee.com/activate and keep it updated.
  4. Avoid Sensitive Sites: You should avoid logging in to any online accounts or sensitive sites which has your sensitive information.
  5. Check your URLs: When you browse online, you should make sure the URL of the website must begins with “HTTPS”. Because, HTTPS sites are secure sites.

For easy installation of McAfee antivirus software, you should visit to the site via www.mcafee.com/activate.

How you Can Be Stay Safe while Running Apps?

Today, digital techniques has made the fitness and running much more fun. But along with fun, you should always remember the importance of safety when you are running outside. You have to protect your digital footprint when you work out because attackers can easily track you through your social media posts, or app check-in with the intention to you harm. Hence, it is advised you should not share too much information on social media as this can put you in danger. McAfee teams want its users to stay safe while running. It is advised you should install McAfee antivirus in your device via www.mcafee.com/activate as this protect your device from cyber threat like malware and viruses. The user can install this in all the devices like Smartphones, Computer, Laptop and Mac etc. In this blog, you will read how you can be stay safe while running.

Steps To Stay Safe While Running Apps: 

  • Running on Social Media: As you all know Social media is the best way to share your activities, motivate yourself and also inspire other people. But if you share so much information, then hackers can use your information against you. It is advised you should not announce your running routes or your time on social media. Otherwise, it will be a clear invitation to attacker and also do not geo-tag locations in photos as this will be dangerous because all of your followers came to know your exact location but if you want to geo-tag your location in photos then you should wait till you are done running.
  • Running with Fitness Apps: There are so many fitness apps and devices which motivate people. But while using these apps, the user should be aware of the surroundings in real time and also who is viewing your online activity. It is advised you should set the privacy setting in Fitness apps and devices like Apple watch because with this you can track your distance with your running friends but in case, you are not careful then might be you are sharing this information with unknown people. So, you must make sure to allow only friends in your app setting. Also, you should avoid sharing route in apps also. You must install McAfee via mcafee.com/activate in your devices, as this will secure your device from virus.
  • Running with a Cell Phone: When you are running you should check that your phone is fully charged so that you can easily listen to music or use any app of your choice. This will also helpful, if incase, you need help then call an Uber; you can also put the emergency (ICE) info in your phone, or the user can use an app to set up this feature.
  • Running with Headphones: It is better to run without headphones if in case, you are alone. You should keep your earbud out. This will help you to hear everything what’s going around you. There are some headphones available in the market which cancels the surrounding noise, so that you can easily focus on what you are listening and do not pay attention to surroundings. If you wear headphones, then you will become the easy target for hackers as they can easily track you. Hence, you should be conscious while running.

For easy installation of McAfee antivirus in your device, you should navigate to www.mcafee.com/activate | Www.mcafee.com/dellactivation