What are 4 Anti-Phishing Tips You Should Follow To Secure Your Data?

In this digital world, it is very essential that protect yourself from phishing attacks. So, in this blog, you will read about some of the anti-phishing tips which you should follow to secure your data from online threat. For more security, you should install McAfee antivirus via www.mcafee.com/activate.

4 Anti-Phishing Tips You Should Follow:

1. Carefully Check E-mails:

It is advised if you receive an e-mail, then do not reply or follow its instructions immediately as it could be a phishing email. Generally, phishing email gives you some warning signs, which triggers the emotions of the users. So, that the users click on the malicious links and then hackers can install malware in your device or they can do fraudulent transactions easily. Hackers took advantage of the emotions of the user such as stress, hurry or panic etc., so that they commit crimes easily. You can easily identify the phishing email by seeing its spelling error or mistakes and strange characters in the text. It is suggested you should think twice before clicking on any of the links in the e-mail.

2. Carefully Watch Malicious links in Messaging Apps or Social Networks:

Sometimes, the messages which the user receives in messaging apps and in social networks contain danger. The customer can find the suspicious links in their friends’ posts like on Facebook, Twitter etc. It is advised you should also treat banners and images with caution because sometimes banners redirect the user to malicious sites. In some cases, reputable website can serve you ads which redirect you to phishing websites. Hence in e-mails, you should check each and every link twice before clicking on it.

3. Think before You Enter your Bank Account Info:

As you all know that Bank details are very sensitive because it gives access to your money. Hence, you should always double checks before entering those details. When you visit to any website, you must look for red flags like typos, numbers instead of letters, hyphens in unwanted places and if the domain name is strange. If you find something like this, just leave the website. After this, you can click on the padlock icon which is located at the left side of the address bar in order to know more about the website. Keep in mind card details are sometime gets stolen, so be careful while doing online shopping.

4. Use Different Passwords:

It is suggested you should not use the same password for different online accounts, because if one of your accounts gets compromised then all your accounts will be in danger. Hence, it is very important to use a unique password for all the accounts, website and app. If you cannot generate, then you can use a password manager in order to create unique passwords.  The user can use McAfee Password Manager and they can install via www.mcafee.com/activate.

For more protection, the user should install McAfee software in their gadgets by going to the official site of McAfee via mcafee.com/activate.

How To Prevent WannaCry Ransomware Attack with McAfee Antivirus?

WannaCry Ransomware attack has affected several organizations all over the world. It encrypts files on the infected computer system and they demand for a ransom. Hackers took advantage of the weakness in the Microsoft Window operating system and hack the computers of the users. Microsoft has released a security patch against this attack but there are many organizations which regularly do not update their operating system and becomes the easy target of the hackers. It is advised to secure your computer against ransomware attack, the user must install McAfee antivirus in their device via www.mcafee.com/activate as it gives protection from ransomware attack. It also timely scans your device to identify and blocks malware in your gadgets. In this blog, you will read the method to prevent WannaCry Ransomware Attack in your device.

Method To Prevent WannaCry Ransomware Attack:

  1. Regularly Update your Software and Operating System: If the user wants to protect their computer from WannaCry attack, then they must regularly update their Microsoft Windows operating system. Because the security patches which was released by Microsoft just before the attack, had given benefit to many users. As this security patch has removed the vulnerability in the OS and secure many organizations. Hence, the users must keep their software and operating system up-to-date.
  2. Do not Click on Malicious Links: In order to protect yourself from any online threat, it is suggested the user should not open an unfamiliar email or do not visit to a website, which they do not trust and most importantly do not click on any links. Because, clicking on any malicious or suspicious links can download a ransomware in their device.
  3. Do not Open Untrusted Email Attachments: The users should avoid opening any email attachments if they are not are sure that it is safe. If in case, the attachment ask you to enable macros in order to view it, then do not enable macros or do not open the attachment as it could be a ransomware or any other types of malware which can damage your device or its data.
  4. Do not Download Anything from Untrusted Websites: It is suggested that you should not download any files from unknown websites as it increase the risk of downloading ransomware in our device. You should only download files from the sites which you trust.
  5. Use VPN while Using Public Wi-Fi: When the user is using the public Wi-Fi, it is highly recommended that you must use VPN as it hides your IP address and secure your computer system and data from attack. Because, public Wi-Fi are unsecured and the easy targets for hackers.
  6. Install McAfee Security Software: The user can protect their computer system from all kinds of online threat by installing McAfee antivirus in their device via mcafee.com/activate. And it is recommended to get the maximum protection you should regularly update your McAfee antivirus software.
  7. Back up your Data: For the precautionary measures, the user should regularly backup their data if they are using an external hard drive or cloud storage to avoid becoming the victim of online attack.

For installing McAfee antivirus software, go to the official site of McAfee via www.mcafee.com/activate

What are the Online Security Gaming Tips to Stay Safe from Hackers?

Today, users prefer to play online games rather than physical games. As a result hackers take advantage of this, and try to steal the personal detail of the gamers. With these personal details, they commit crimes in your name or sell your details on the dark web. So, to protect yourself from these crimes, the user must install McAfee antivirus software in their gadget via www.mcafee.com/activate. In this blog, you will read the online security gaming tips to stay safe from hackers.

Online Security Gaming Tips to Stay Safe from Hackers:

1. Do not give Your Personal Information:

It is advised you should not use your real name or birthdates in your username so that hackers cannot use your personal details and misuse it. You can use your nickname or the combination of different numbers so that nobody can track you. And also it is important you should not give your personal details about yourself like phone number, birthday, places etc. on chats.

2. Edit your Privacy Settings: 

In online PC games, the user can join campaigns with gamer who lives in different part of the world. Hence, it is advised you should carefully interact with each other and also allow only known person to follow your online profile. If in case, a stranger sends you the friend request then you should be alert, think carefully do u really want to accept his friend request because it might be hackers also who have nefarious motives like phishing attack or to steal your valuable personal data. Hence, it is advised you should customize your privacy settings and just make your profile invisible to strangers. 

3. Do not Download Cheat Software or Pirated Games:

It is advised that developers create amazing games, so you should purchase only those games which are legal and also play them as they are directed. You should aware of free downloads or pirated versions as it could be a cheat software or malicious. Hence, you should always buy a genuine games and use the game as it’s written. 

4. Log in with VPN:

The gamer should always use a virtual private network (VPN) because it scrambles your online data traffic and does not allow hackers to access your IP address. When the gamer user VPN, hackers cannot be able to spy on your online browsing activity.

5. Sign up for McAfee Antivirus Software:

The user must install McAfee, the gaming antivirus software through mcafee.com/activate in their device. This software makes your online gaming experience secure and also boost your rig’s performance. It is advised user should use McAfee Gamer Security as it easily identifies the threats of the cloud and scans your device timely for viruses.

These are some of the Online Security Gaming Tips which secure your device and protects you from hackers. If you want to install McAfee antivirus software in your gadget, ten visit to the official site of McAfee via www.mcafee.com/activate.   

Is PC Cleaning Improves the Performance of your Device?

If the users want to improve the performance of your PC, then it is very important to clean your PC on regular basis. This boosts the speed of your PC and also protects your personal information and identity from hackers. When you clean your PC, it will free up the storage space in your device with which you can install many more programs, pictures, files and movies etc. For best results, the user should clean their computer at least once in a month. And for the protection of your device, you must install McAfee antivirus via mcafee.com/activate. It will scan your computer and keeps it safe from viruses and malware. In this blog, you will read how to clean your PC.

Why PC Cleaning is Important?

Sometimes, when you use your computer then the files which you store in your PC takes up space. And it fills your C drive, because of backup files, hidden files and also the temporary files. It is advised you should clean your new computer because new PCs also come with pre-installed programs which you do not require. If you want extra storage space in your device, then you must remove unwanted files from your computer as it will increase the performance of your device.

How To Clean Your PC?

  • Clean up Temporary Files:

Temporary files are basically the files and internet cookies which you do not install in your device. Internet cookies are the information which you enter on any websites you visit. The benefit of this information is the users do not have to enter their login information every time when they visit a website. And also some applications create temporary files which store your information. Hence, it is advised the temporary files which you do not require just clean it up from your system.

  • Remove Startup Items:

When you start your PC, there are some programs which automatically start in your computer system. If there are too many startup items runs in your device then it will slows down the performance of your computer. If the user wants to change the apps which run automatically at startup, then you should first choose the Start button and then go to Task Manager and then Startup. At this point, you should choose the app which you want to change. At last, you should choose Disable option so that it stops running when you start your PC.

  • Clean up Sensitive Files:

If you delete the files from recycle bin, then it is not completely deleted. These files get stores in your hard drive and when you open it then your hard drive retrieves those files. It is advised you should use file shredder to erase the data and it will also protect you from identity theft. The user can use a PC cleaner as it helps to remove files from your hard drive.

For better protection, the user must install McAfee antivirus via www.mcafee.com/activate.

How To Troubleshoot If McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac?

McAfee antivirus is the security software which gives safeguards your device from online threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing attacks. This product can install through mcafee.com/activate. This software is completely reliable with the devices like Mac, Windows and Android. As you all know, updates are very essential for the devices because updates comes up with latest features to give extra protection to your device from threat. But, sometimes user faces issue like McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac.  In this blog, you will read the method to fix if McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac.

What are the Reasons McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac?

McAfee LiveSafe failed on Mac, if Internet Security for Mac kernel extension is not authorized. Secondly, if there is an issue with our Firewall. And also if there is a problem with the Internet Settings.

Solution To Fix If McAfee Livesafe Update Failed on Mac:

Solution 1: Authorize Internet Security for Mac Kernel:

To authorize Internet Security for MAC, you should tap on the McAfee menulet which is located on the menu bar. After this, you should choose McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security Console. Now, you have to tap on Mac Security. Here, you should enable a security feature such as Real-Time Scanning. At this point, you should look for the option We need permission. Then, you should tap on OK button to allow the procedure to continue. At last, Internet Security for Mac will be authorized.

Solution 2: Change Firewall Settings:

Sometimes, the firewall settings automatically changes in your device which stops the computer system from updating McAfee antivirus. For this, you should tapon the McAfee menulet present which is on the menu bar. Now, you should tap on McAfee Live Safe – Internet Security Console. Here, you should hit on Mac Security.And thentap on Firewall. At this point, you should tap on the lock in order to make changes and then just type your password. Next, you should change in the Type from Public to Home or Work. At the end, you should again hit on the lock in order to save the changes.

Solution 3: Change the Internet Setting:

The user can easily fix the issue related to Internet Settings just by removing Caches and Cookies from Safari. To change the internet settings, you should open Safari. After this, you should tap on Safari, Preferences. Now, you need to hit on Privacy. And then tap on Manage Website Data. Here, you should hit on Remove All. At this point, you should tap on Remove Now and then hit on Done. At the end, you should Restart your Mac.

To fix this issue, the user can also reinstall McAfee antivirus in their Macintosh device and regularly update.

With this above method, the customer can fix this issue if McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac. For more detailed information about McAfee antivirus, you should visit to the site of McAfee via www.mcafee.com/activate.

What is the Method to Uninstall Corrupted McAfee Antivirus?

Antivirus is very essential for the user to install in your device, as it protects your device from all kind of cyber threat. One of the best antiviruses is McAfee software which the user can install through www.mcafee.com/activate . This software comes with high protection features but sometimes this antivirus itself gets corrupted.  In order to fix this issue, the user should read the below mentioned method.

What is the Problem While Uninstalling Corrupted McAfee?

The user has to remove McAfee Agent manually under certain conditions due to some reasons. If the McAfee software is updated unsuccessfully, then all the files will get jumbled up and the problem arises while removing agents. Also in the VirusScan Enterprise (VSE), the issue will arise in the procedure of stopping McAfee. The problem will also occur if the previously installed versions have corrupted the McAfee files.

Method To Uninstall Corrupted McAfee:

In order to remove McAfee, the customer should use frminst.exe and also the /force uninstall command before they remove it manually.

1. First, you should disable the services of McAfee protection in VSE.

For this, there is Access Protection feature in McAfee. You should disable this setting locally or you should use ePolicy Orchestrator (ePo). The user should choose one of the following:

If in case, ePO manages the VSE,  then you should visit to Start option, and then go to Programs and then tap on McAfee and then hit on VirusScan Console. Next in the Access Protection icon, you should right-tap and then visit to Properties. Here, you will find the option – Prevent McAfee services from being stopped. You should Unselect this option and then apply the changes. Now, you should close the VirusScan console.

If ePO does not manage VSE, then you should visit to the ePO server and then open ePolicy Orchestrator Console.  Here, you need to change the policy, you can change the directory or computer level. After this, you should enlarge the VirusScan Enterprise policy which is located on the right side. Then, next to the Access Protection Policies, you will find the option of Edit. Just you have to hit on that option. At this point, you should hit on the Access Protection tab and then just deselect Prevent McAfee services from being stopped. Next, you need to tap on apply option. The user should remind an agent through a wakeup call just to apply the changes. Now, you should close the ePO console.

2. After this, you should run the frminst.exe /force uninstall command.

3. Now, you should navigate to Start option and then go to Run and then type one of the below commands:

“c:\Program Files\Network Associates\Common Framework\frminst.exe” /forceuninstall


“c:\Program Files\McAfee\Common Framework\frminst.exe” /forceuninstall

4. At last, you should finish the procedure of deleting the files just by rebooting the computer system.

The above method will help you to uninstall corrupted McAfee Antivirus software. But if the customers need any type of information related to McAfee, then visit to the official site via www.mcafee.com/activate.