How to Resolve McAfee Software Error on Windows?

If the user find an Installation incomplete error on Window, when they are trying to install McAfee LiveSafe, or Total Protection in their devices.  Read the below blog, to resolve McAfee software error on Windows. For help, visit to the site of McAfee via


  1. You must fulfill McAfee minimum system requirement for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  2. Remove the incompatible third-party firewalls or security software.
  3. You should install the latest updates on your PC.

Install McAfee Software Install Helper on Windows 11, 10.x or 8.x:

  1. First, you should ​​download and run McAfee Software Install Helper tool in your device.
  2. After this, you should type your registered email address and password and then hit on Login button.
  3. At this point, you should tap on Start button, and then accept the License Agreement. You should uninstall and reinstall McAfee software to fix the issue. This tool will take 15 minutes to complete.
  4. If the McAfee Software Install Helper tool completes, then your issue is solved.

If your Computer is running Window 7.x:

1. Temporarily Enable Administrator Account:

For this, you should open a command prompt as Administrator. Now, you should type the command and hit on Enter key:

net user administrator /active:yes

Then, you should close the command prompt. At this point, you should tap on Ctrl+Alt+Del keys together. Here, you need to tap on Log out or Sign out, to log off Windows. At the end, in the sign-in screen, you should tap on the Administrator account and then sign in. This sign-in process will take time to complete.

Install and Run MCPR tools on Windows 7:

For running MCPR tool, you should save all open files and close all programs.

 First, you have to download the MCPR tool and then double tap on MCPR.exe. In case, you view a security warning then hit on Yes, Continue, or Run according to your Windows version. Here at the McAfee Software Removal screen, you should tap on Next and then Agree button to accept the End User License Agreement. Then at the Security Validation screen, you should type the characters which appear on your screen and tap on Next button. If the process is complete, you see one of the messages i.e. Removal Complete or Cleanup Unsuccessful. At the end, again Restart your PC.

2. Run McAfee Pre-install tool:

First, you should download the Pre-Install Tool. Then, you should double-tap on the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file. Now, you should read the warning message and then tap on OK button to agree to the changes. When the Preinstall Tool completes, then tap on OK and Close button. Lastly, just restart your computer.

3: Disable Administrator account:

First, you need to tap on Ctrl+Alt+Del keys altogether. Now, you should tap on Log out or Sign out, in order to exit the Administrator account. Here, you should Sign in with your normal account. At this point, you should open a command prompt as Administrator. Here, you need to type the command and hit on Enter key.

net user administrator /active:no

 At last, you should close the command prompt and the built-in Administrator account is disabled.

With this procedure, you can resolve McAfee Software error on Windows. For more help, go to the McAfee via

How Your Child Can Safely Use McAfee Product on Their Device?

McAfee is the popular antivirus product available in the market which gives complete protection to the users from unwanted threat. It secures your gadget from a virus, that is why many users want to install McAfee in their child device. You can install and activate this product by going to the official site of McAfee via

Method To Add Child To Your McAfee Account:

  1. First, if you want to add a child to your account, then you should open the Install MacAfee Antivirus Software in your computer system.
  2. When the application window opens up on your screen, then you will view a plus (+) sign on the screen, just tap on it.
  3. After you tap on the Add button, you have to enter the details of your child.
  4. Now, you have to enter the child’s First name and then from the drop down menu, you have to select the Age of the kid.
  5. If you want to know more about the restriction levels, then you should click on the (i) icon.
  6. If you are adding a child under 18 years of age, then you should check to mark the box and then tap on Add button.

Method To Install McAfee On Your Child Device:

  1. First, you have to launch the McAfee security product on your child computer.
  2. Then, you have to choose the Parental Controls option and then select the Parental Controls link.
  3. Here under the Administrator password section, you should tap on the Set option.
  4. You should keep the password of your choice and then enter a Password hint in the Hints field.
  5. After this, you should tap on OK button in the Confirmation dialog box.
  6. Next, you should set up protection for child user accounts.
  7. At this point, you should choose the Protect button and then select the age range.
  8. Now, you should select Optional Settings and then verify if the Block Websites has Inappropriate Images.
  9. At last, you should type URLs. And then tap on the Allow or Block option in order to block or give access to a URL.

Method To Schedule McAfee Automatic Full Scan on your Child Device:

  1. The user should go to the Home page of the software, then tap on Real-Time Scanning.
  2. Then, it will open the Scheduled Scan Setting page. Under this option, you should select Scheduled Scan Settings.
  3. From the drop down menu, you should set the scan frequency which is next to Use McAfee Scan Schedule.
  4. If the user wants to conserve the resources of their computer, then they should cut down the speed of scan which is under the Scan Using Minimal Resources.
  5. At last, when you change the preferred settings, you should tap on Apply option to save them.

With this above method, you can successfully install McAfee product in your child device. For more help, the user should visit to the site of McAfee via

How McAfee Anti Theft Monitors your Device?

Nowadays, mobile devices are lost or stolen and sometimes they are accessed by hackers. If this occurs, then all your confidential and personal information gets exposed. You become vulnerable to identity theft. But with McAfee Anti-Theft feature, the user can monitor their device and it can install via In this blog, you will read the method to setup McAfee Anti-theft feature on your device.

Method To Set Up McAfee Anti-Theft:

Before McAfee Anti-Theft feature secures your device, you have to first set it up on your device. On the setup wizard guides, you have to select the security questions and answers in order to protect your account, and then select your settings.

1. You should ensure that your device is connected to the Internet.

2. After this, you should double-click on the McAfee Anti-Theft icon which is present in your taskbar.

3. Now from the Home Page, you should tap on Set up.

4. McAfee will ask to create an Anti-Theft password, if your device is locked down, or its files are locked.

5.  You have to give an email address, so that you receive important updates about your device’s status.

6. At last, you have to track your device’s location in case your device loss or theft.

McAfee Anti-Theft Web Console:

Through McAfee Anti-Theft Web Console, you can remotely mark your device as lost or stolen, you can track your device location, just lock it down and also you can use other features from other device’s browser.

  1. Log in to your account from any device’s browser: The user can access the web console, just by logging in to My Account with their My Account email address and password.
  2. Review and change Device’s state: You can update your device’s state, if it is lost or stolen.
  3. Set your device to Normal Mode: From the web console, if you make any changes to the settings then you should ensure that your device is in normal mode.
  4. Mark your device as lost or stolen: In case, your device is missing, then you should quickly mark it as lost or stolen. And you can track its location or just lock it down.
  5. Track your Device’s Location: If your device has internet connection and it’s device tracking feature is on, then your device will transmit its location. From the web console’s mapping feature, you can view your device location history.
  6. Lock down your lost or stolen device: In case, your device gets lost or stolen, then you can lock down your device immediately so that nobody can use your device. After locking down, your device can be unlocked with your Anti-Theft password.
  7. Unlock your device: The user can unlock their locked device by using their Anti-Theft password.
  8. Set device tracking: With Device tracking, you can track your device’s location if your device is connected to the Internet.
  9. Set File Protection: You can set File protection, as it will automatically encrypts all the files present in the My Documents folder. It also encrypts your Microsoft Office files and Microsoft Money files etc. so that only you can open those files.
  10. Set Auto-lock timer: The auto-lock timer feature control for how many days your device can be disconnected from the Internet before it is locked.

With McAfee Anti-Theft feature, you can easily monitor your device if it is lost or stolen. For info related to McAfee, go to