How To Protect Your Babies First Footprints in this Digital Lives?

McAfee antivirus is the amazing security product which can install through and it secures your smart devices from viruses and malware. It also gives protection from phishing and ransomware attack. If you use digital devices for your child, then it is necessary that you protect those devices from cyber threat. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to protect your babies footprints online.

Method To Protect Your Babies Footprints Online:

  1. Before Buying Smart Device for Babies, Read the Reviews: As you all know that there are so many products which are designed for your baby. It is advised before you buy these smart devices for your baby, you should read the reviews and also speak with your health care provider. If incase, that device only tracks the baby’s breathing, heart rate and blood oxygen level then it’s ok but if you want the device to track Sudden Infant Death Syndrome then you have to consult to your health care provider.
  2. Check Storage Information Is Secured: When you’re Smart device, take the information through biometric data, you should check where that information is stored in the cloud by the device manufacturer or with the third parties. Who will keep that data or with whom they will share or if you can delete the data if it is necessary. As you all know that your baby’s biometrics personal info must be kept protected. It is suggested before purchasing the smart device, it is essential that you read the comments and reviews of that device from other customers.
  3. Secure Your Baby Wi-Fi Monitor: It is highly recommended baby Wi-Fi monitors come with default password, so hackers can easily scan the camera of your baby if you do not change the password. Hence, the user must change the default password to a strong and unique password; regularly update the device in order to increase performance, and also you can use multi-factor authentication for adding additional layer of security to your device.
  4. Protect Baby’s Identity From Theft: As you all know that baby’s are the first target of cyber criminals because government doesn’t run credit reports on children. So, if incase hackers steal Social Security Number of a child, then it will open the credit and accounts of the child. Hence, it is advised you should check the child’s credit regularly, freeze the child credit and also you should secure the child’s personal info like password, birth certificate etc. in a safe location.
  5. Register URL for Your Child: You should register a URL for your child on the website like Kiddo because personal URL gives your child another piece of digital identity.

Through this way, you can protect your babies first footprint in this digital lives. For the security of the smart devices of your child, you should install McAfee antivirus through  as it will secure your gadgets from viruses and malware.