How Users Should Respond To Ransomware Attack?

Sometimes, the users become the victim of Ransomware attack but they don’t know how to respond towards this attack. Hence, the user must read the ways to respond to ransomware attack. For protection against ransomware, user should install McAfee through  

Ways To Respond To Ransomware Attack:

1. Don’t Panic:

The first thing which the user should do is to don’t get panic when they become the victim of Ransomware attack. The user should first make a plan to fight against ransomware threat. Even if they don’t have any plan, then also they should not pay ransom to the hackers. Generally, ransomware victims pay ransom to hackers in order to recover their devices and data.

2. Unplug Your Device And Other Network Devices:

If user knows that their device is infected with ransomware attack, then they should first unplug their computer system. In case, there are other network devices which are connected to your infected computer system, you should remove those also from your network because Ransomware spreads through network connection, so you must unplug the infected device and other devices from your network. You should disconnect all the computers or other devices which are connected remotely.

3. Contact Your IT Security Team:

In case, the user is running an organization and faces ransomware attack, then they should immediately contact an IT security team who handles all the IT-related security issues of your company. Then the security team will help you to come out of this panic situation. After that, they will take actions to save your company’s valuable data and also helps to remove ransomware from your affected devices.

4. Report The Authorities:

It is advised if you notify your IT security system, then you should also report to the authorities about the ransomware attack. As Reporting to the authorities, will help you to come out of this situation but also helps to find the attackers and stop ransomware attacks in the future.

5. Update Security System:

When you take all the actions, then you should perform the security audits and also update your McAfee security software through This will take some time and cost you some money. But, this is the best ways to respond to a ransomware attack. Hence, you should update your entire security system as this will help you to overcome from ransomware attack and stop the future attacks.

6. Remove Ransomware From Your Device:

As you all know that there are so many tools which are available online and help to remove ransomware from your computer system. One of the tools is Spyhunter, which scans the computer, detects malware and remove it from your device. It also enhances the performance of your PC and keeps it safe. And the decryption tools are also available, which decrypt the files without paying ransomware.

By following the above steps, the user should respond to ransomware attack. For installing McAfee, the user should visit to the site of McAfee via

Tips to Prevent from Ransomware – McAfee

As cyber threats are rapidly increasing these days. But we cannot stop the use of Internet because today all the people gather information through internet. And most of the organization is totally depend upon the computers. As you cannot stop the use of internet as well as computers, you have found some protective measures against these cyber threats like malware and viruses. So, McAfee antivirus gives complete protection to your device against all malicious programs. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus does not allow the hackers to access your device and it monitors and controls your network traffic.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software which blocks the user to access their computer system or computer files until a sum ransom is paid. Their work is to encrypt the file which is on the affected computer and make them inaccessible, in return demand for the ransom payment to restore access. They attack on the high profile victims like hospitals, public schools, and police departments. Ransomware takes place because of the poor protection practices.

How to prevent your device from Ransomware?

  1. It is an advice to the users that do not pay the ransom because it only encourages the fraud. And also there is no guarantee that you get the access of your files back after paying the ransom. So, strictly do not pay the ransom.
  2. Always restore your files in cloud storage as a backup because in case of data loss you will get the quick access to your files from the backup.
  3. Do not provide personal information to any of the emails, text message, or phone calls. If you or your coworkers get any kinds of calls contact your IT departments.
  4.  It is very necessary that you Install McAfee antivirus via  in your device and enable the firewall setting. And also keep your antivirus software updated all the time because it gives more protection to your device and data.
  5. All your inbound emails should be scanned and if it is send by the unknown sender and contains any suspicious link it should be blocked.
  6. All your system and software should be up to date because updates are very necessary for your device.
  7. If you have to use the public Wi-Fi then make sure that you use trustworthy VPN network while accessing on public Wi-Fi.

But if you still have any kind of doubt then you can contact to the customer care executive of McAfee via Or for more information just visit to the official website of McAfee.