If Your Computer Has Been Blocked with Red Screen Alert! How to Fix it?

User sometimes gets the issue of Your Computer has been Blocked with Red Screen Warning. To fix this issue, you should enter into Safe Mode and use McAfee antivirus to scan your device via www.mcafee.com/activate. In this article, you will read the method To Fix If Your Computer Has Been Blocked with Red Screen Warning.

Method To Fix If Your Computer Has Been Blocked with Red Screen Alert:

1. Close Web Browser:

In case, Windows 10 system is not infected, then you can easily fix the red screen scam. The user can tap on the X icon which is close the browser. Then, you have to restart the web browser app. Sometimes, Your computer has been blocked alert because of the malware or harmful software. It is advised you should end any processes which are related to the webpage or they are causing the red screen alert. You should also scan your device with the McAfee antivirus tool via mcafee.com/activate to remove hidden malware. In case, browser re-opens the same red screen page, then you should enter Task Manager and after that, end any processes related to the error. For this, you should press Ctrl + Alt + Del key together and then go to Task Manager. Then, you should switch to the Processes tab and then end any process which is related to your browser. Now, you can use the web browsing engine without any problems. For more protection, you can access the internet by using Private Internet Access.

2. Enter Safe Mode and Perform Full System Scan:

The customer should enter their computer into safe mode and then all the third-party apps and processes will get disabled by default. For safe mode, you should press the Win+R key together and in the Run box you need to enter msconfig.  From System Configuration, you should switch to Boot tab and then under Boot options you should check Safe Boot. After this, you should save your changes and just reboot your computer. When you are in Safe mode, you should run a scan by using McAfee antivirus program. In case, McAfee antivirus finds any infected files, then you should remove from your computer. At last, reboot your computer into Windows mode.

3. Install and Run Additional Antimalware:

If the regular antivirus solution cannot be able to detect malware, then you should protect your files, system and data against malware, phishing and spyware with the additional security tool. With this additional tool, you should perform a full system scan to keep everything safe and secured. Keep in mind Microsoft will not display this issue. But if you get any notification, then it is fake and tries to trick you so that you download malicious files. To avoid this situation, you should always use reliable security solution.

With this above process, you can easily fix the problem of Your Computer has been Blocked with Red Screen Warning. If you want to install McAfee antivirus, visit to the official site of McAfee via www.mcafee.com/activate.