Is PC Cleaning Improves the Performance of your Device?

If the users want to improve the performance of your PC, then it is very important to clean your PC on regular basis. This boosts the speed of your PC and also protects your personal information and identity from hackers. When you clean your PC, it will free up the storage space in your device with which you can install many more programs, pictures, files and movies etc. For best results, the user should clean their computer at least once in a month. And for the protection of your device, you must install McAfee antivirus via It will scan your computer and keeps it safe from viruses and malware. In this blog, you will read how to clean your PC.

Why PC Cleaning is Important?

Sometimes, when you use your computer then the files which you store in your PC takes up space. And it fills your C drive, because of backup files, hidden files and also the temporary files. It is advised you should clean your new computer because new PCs also come with pre-installed programs which you do not require. If you want extra storage space in your device, then you must remove unwanted files from your computer as it will increase the performance of your device.

How To Clean Your PC?

  • Clean up Temporary Files:

Temporary files are basically the files and internet cookies which you do not install in your device. Internet cookies are the information which you enter on any websites you visit. The benefit of this information is the users do not have to enter their login information every time when they visit a website. And also some applications create temporary files which store your information. Hence, it is advised the temporary files which you do not require just clean it up from your system.

  • Remove Startup Items:

When you start your PC, there are some programs which automatically start in your computer system. If there are too many startup items runs in your device then it will slows down the performance of your computer. If the user wants to change the apps which run automatically at startup, then you should first choose the Start button and then go to Task Manager and then Startup. At this point, you should choose the app which you want to change. At last, you should choose Disable option so that it stops running when you start your PC.

  • Clean up Sensitive Files:

If you delete the files from recycle bin, then it is not completely deleted. These files get stores in your hard drive and when you open it then your hard drive retrieves those files. It is advised you should use file shredder to erase the data and it will also protect you from identity theft. The user can use a PC cleaner as it helps to remove files from your hard drive.

For better protection, the user must install McAfee antivirus via

How to install McAfee Live Safe on PC and Android Phones?

Increased use of Internet increased the rate of Cyber crimes. As in today’s world all the work is done on Computer, PC, or you can say internet connected devices like Android Phones. Internet is the medium which makes the work of every organization easier and faster. McAfee is the leading brand which protects your internet connected device from all kind of cyber threat. You can install this antivirus via It scans the entire data of your device and protect your computer when you are offline or away from your computer. It secures your data with real time anti-malware and with firewall setting.

How to install McAfee Live Safe on PC?

For installing McAfee Live Safe on PC, first you have to open your browser and visit to from the device on which you are trying to install this McAfee Live Safe product. Then click on My Account and Sign in. Now you have to type your email ID and Password and then log in. But if you do not have the McAfee account then you can create a new account by selecting Are you a New User? Register now and follow all the instruction to create the new account and click on Log in. Now click on My Account and select the Live Safe product subscription and then click download. Thoroughly, read the license agreement and click on I agree to accept the terms and condition of the download and installation process. At the end, follow the conditions to configure the McAfee Live Safe product on your device.

How to install McAfee Live Safe on Mobile Devices?

First of all, on your PC, open the web browser and go to . Then you have to click on My Account and then Sign in. After this, you have to type your email address and password and then log in. If you have the account then you can log in, otherwise you have to create an account and then log in. Now select (+) icon and select the mobile device on which you want to install McAfee Live Safe product and send link. Select the mobile device and the McAfee Live Safe Security and click on Next. You have to select the country and type your Mobile Phone number. Then the link will send to you on your email ID. Now open the McAfee email and download now. Again click on Download and read and accept the license agreement. Then in the app store, select open. You can log in with your McAfee credential and create a six digit pin.

The specific App store to download McAfee Live Safe is Window App Store, Google Play, and Amazon App Store and apple app store.

If you are still facing any kind of problem in downloads and installation of McAfee Live Safe you can visit to the official website of McAfee via The customer care executives are experienced and well qualified and answer your entire query.