Best Solutions: McAfee Installation cannot start JavaScript

McAfee software is one of the recognized names in the field of security and safety of any devices including Laptop, Mobile, Tablet, Computer etc. And you can download it from easily. The installation and setup procedure of McAfee software is very easy from because of its user-friendly nature.

But sometimes the McAfee installation may show you some error message like “McAfee installation cannot start JavaScript” or “McAfee installation error JavaScript windows 7” or “McAfee not installing due to JavaScript error“ etc. Such failures can be produced by some missing or damaged data in the downloaded setup of McAfee. You can also utilize MCPR tool or McAfee Virtual Technician tool, to fix the problem while the McAfee installation. Here we are explaining the all the feasible resolutions which will assist you to fix the McAfee not installing due to JavaScript error.

McAfee Antivirus is available in various versions like McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Endpoint Protection, Live Safe, McAfee Family Protection or McAfee Internet Security so you can pick one best-suited version as per your need from Any Operating System available in device Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, 10 or Mac Operating System can affect the same issue of McAfee installation.

Here we are going to discuss Best Solutions to solve McAfee issues like McAfee installation cannot start JavaScript:
  1. Use of the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool

First of all download MCPR tool setup “MCPR.exe” online and now to run MCPR tool installation process double clicks on the exe file. Enter the captcha and click on yes and then wait to complete the process of MCPR tool installation. Reboot your device and reinstall the McAfee product again from

  1. Run the McPreInstall tool

Go to your web browser and open the McAfee official website and download the Pre-Install tool setup. Double click the download exe file to run it, and install it. Follow all the steps one by one to complete all the process and after finishing of the installation reboot your device. And then reinstall the McAfee software from

  1. Run McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT)

Visit from your browser and then select troubleshoot and repair button. Then click on download button and then save the file. Run the mvt.exe file and follow all instructions to setup MVT on your device. Also, allow the setup to make changes on your device. After successful installation of McAfee setupblog/, check and update MVT tool then MVT will scan your device. Choose Autofix and then follow all the instructions shown on the screen to resolve them all.

  1. Run regsvr32 jscript.dll

Type cmd at the start button of your device, and then right click on it and Run as Administrator from the shown list. now in Command prompt type regsvr32 jscript.dll and then press enter. After successful registrations of the file, restart your system once. And reinstall your selected McAfee version from

If any of the methods won’t work for you then you can contact or comment your questions here. You can also select some of the third party support and services providers for the support of McAfee issues.

Benefits of McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is a famous program of antivirus available and compatible on different types of devices. The antivirus is not only suitable for PCs but also to other small devices which need protection. It can protect devices such as;

  • The android tablet
  • The IOs devices
  • The Smart phones
  • The windows devices
  • The security management console
  • The Mac devices

McAfee antivirus has the capability to detect and block different kinds of malware threats for different systems. It performs the task without creating much loss and lag of the computer resources like other antivirus. It identifies files that are harmless correctly therefore minimizing the possibility of harmful files existence.  In order for this program to deal effectively with the threats, it is made up of the following beneficial features;

  • Easy to be installed and used. It is very easy to install McAfee since there is clear labeling of the tabs and links to every function and tool.
  • It has the significant features of auto update from virus global database and real time scanning. The two features are enabled automatically once the program has been successfully installed. But these settings can be adjusted and scheduled for quick in-depth scanning whenever it is most needed.
  • When McAfee is started for the first time, it gives you the option of quick tour to go through the program in case you are entirely not sure of how it is used.
  • McAfee antivirus software protects you from ransomware which is specifically a harmful form of malware that can hold your computer hostage.
  • It offers online protection against viruses and threats. McAfee scans all the email messages being received together with any attachments to guarantee you safety of the computer from infection caused by any kind of malicious files.
  • McAfee scans the files on-access. It scans the files that are accessed and any USB devices plugged into the computer automatically. Any digital sensitive files detected are permanently deleted.
  • The software has the McAfee System Guards feature that is very important in monitoring those activities that seem to be suspicious & have been brought about by the hackers.
  • It is also made up the feature McAfee Site Advisor that is of great help in showing safety software ratings based on spam, phishing and malware.
  • It has a gamming mode feature which halts temporarily some functions when you are playing the game for you not to be interrupted by reminders which pop-up. But for this feature to work, you need to enable it since it’s not automatic.
  • McAfee comes along with unlimited licenses number that is part of the subscriptions for every year. This is so beneficial because it gives you a chance to protect your devices which are web enabled like mobile devices e.g. the smartphones.
  • On the McAfee support site, we have a FAQs, community forums & knowledge base. The forums are organized based on topic and product. Here, the employees of McAfee and the customers communicate and together share problems and solve them.

Internet is not working after updating McAfee Antivirus software in Windows 10

Antivirus software is such application that is handled to defend the device from different Viruses, Rootkit, Spyware, Worms, Malware, Trojans, or other malicious software that can cause the risk to your device. To hold the device working well, the users may require installing and configuring McAfee antivirus as it gives nonstop security from every risky attack.

McAfee is one of the well-known security software and it famous for its protection functionalities. Though it’s the best product sometime user may face some issue related to McAfee. Like McAfee, users may find the problems of Internet connection after updating the McAfee. And the user may have an error log like ‘After McAfee update internet not working’ or any other. Such issues can be fixed by going through some simple steps at your place only. The primary solution is to restart the internet connection or enable-disable connection. For the more proper solution, you can also visit official help platform at for any support or help.

Some of the General Difficulties in Windows 10 after updating the McAfee products are:

  • Continuous errors message of “No Internet Connection”
  • McAfee is not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • McAfee Antivirus software blocking the internet connection
  • McAfee software conflicting issues with Windows 10 OS
  • System hanging or not responding after updating McAfee Software

All of the above problems can be seen in the device with Windows 10 OS after updating the McAfee software. These problems are very obvious and solvable and you just have to go through some basic steps to solve out all the issues.

Now Lets have a look at how to solve the issue of internet connection after updating McAfee software

Here we are discussing 2 of the ways to solve the internet connection issues:

  1. By resetting the internet connection
  2. By disabling the Bonjour services
  3. By resetting the internet connection:

You can reset internet connection in many ways like directly from system settings or run some commands on the command prompt.

  • To reset internet connection in windows 10 from system settings, click on start button, then go to settings, then Network & Internet, then Status and click on Network Reset. On Network reset window click, yes to reset network. After restarting the system, you can see the fixed issues.

Settings > Network & Internet > Status > Network reset> Reset Now>Yes

  • To reset internet connection in windows 10 using command prompts, Open dialogue box by pressing the Window key with R, Then type cmd and press OK to open the command prompt. Now run the command “ipconfig/release” and press enter and wait, when code stop running, run the command “ipconfig/renew” and again press enter.

Above both methods can help you to reset internet connection so after that, you may connect your device to the internet. If issues are still there, then you can get help support from

  1. By disabling the Bonjour services

Again open the dialogue box by pressing the Window key with R, type “services.msc” and press enter. Now double-click on the Bonjour Service, press stop, select Disable from the drop-down menu, apply it and restart your system.

Now you can connect your device to your internet connection but if these all processes are not working then you may have to reinstall the McAfee software without the firewall. So uninstall McAfee software, again install McAfee software and during the installation process, select the custom install, and deselect the firewall, complete the installation process, restart your system.

Hope these all can help you to solve out the issues of internet connection after McAfee software update if there are any other questions then comment here or visit

McAfee Antivirus Software and Internet Security For Your PC or Mac | McAfee

Quickly set up of McAfee Technical Support

Placing McAfee antivirus software is one of the best methods to ensure your online presence even if you use various devices. Our McAfee security software Support team assists you to install and activate McAfee antivirus with great satisfaction on your device from All you require to do is dial our toll-free number for support for all your inquiries and in case you encounter any McAfee technical problems at the time set up. Numerous technical points like the backdated OS, the presence of another antivirus software, Browser or firewall blocking, etc. may hinder the setup method. But with Our McAfee Technical Support, you can get assistant anytime irrespective of time and your place in the world.

McAfee Technical Support and Quick Help

McAfee antivirus software is produced with many excellent characteristics based on advanced technology to combat all sorts of viruses, enduring as well as the potential that gives 360 Internet security for both individuals as well as business goals. All you require to do is install the McAfee antivirus on your system with the guidance of an expert team of McAfee  If you have chosen for McAfee security software on more than one device with the similar subscription you can setup it concurrently with assistant and guidance from our McAfee Antivirus Technical Support. You just have to dial the toll-free number and talk to our McAfee expert for online help about all processes.

It won’t be an enhancement to state that our lives are now controlled and managed by the enormous system of websites that is the internet. All our devices of selection are now managed by the internet and most of the abilities depend directly on the network of the internet. And as the internet offer power them to extensive abilities; it also takes along a group of viruses which can yield device safety and execution. Securing your devices against such viruses and threats is now a requirement and maybe the best security that one can perceive is the McAfee Antivirus software! Download and activated it from

Simple to download and install, McAfee guard your desktop and other devices against viruses, Rootkit, malware, phishing, Trojans and any of the cyber threats. Just register your product key and additional communication information at and your McAfee setup activation are enough to activate. A dedicated support available 24/7, to support you for any McAfee technical guidance that you may require.

Enjoy Our McAfee Support and Client Service

We are an independent McAfee technical support provider and we work on on-request remote technical Services and support for McAfee Installation, set up, activation, update, upgrade etc. We are an independent service provider for all the related issues in all devices including laptops, desktops, iPad, iPhone & Android devices and any other.

The best part of our team is the McAfee security Support that is quickly available. 24X7X365 days McAfee security Support and service is available using various platforms including all the issues and serves you obtain solutions to all your problems. If you want, you can also send a mail to our McAfee Security Support team and take a personalized solution from a Support Technician. You can also call our McAfee Support team and talk to one of the support representatives for immediate assistant and guidance.

We are available to solve each and every issue using remote access software and we are available via phone call, emails, chats or web, just reach us. We ensure you about 100% customer satisfaction and 1st call resolution because we have fully trained and expert member in our team so contact now!



Download McAfee Internet Security, Spyware and Malware Software to Protect your PC

Independent Services and Support for McAfee Antivirus

Why is McAfee the best security solution? 

McAfee antivirus is one of the reliable securities for your device. Once you have fixed it to your device, you can surf for any data or web using the internet, you can do online banking and buy from your preferred online shops without bothering about someone else storing your debit/credit card or bank details or other any sensitive data. You do not have to concern about any virus, malware, Rootkit, Trojans, spyware, or other any online threats that can damage your data and make you available to thieves. McAfee Antivirus is a total protection for all the devices and its easily available online and offline in form of CD-drive. After installing McAfee Antivirus, you just have to activate it online from

But sometimes you may realize that something is incorrect with your McAfee product and to solve that you seek guidance. Using McAfee with misbehavior in your device may expose you to more dangers and this is one good idea to contact our McAfee support team for any support.

Who Are We?

We are third party Support provider for all McAfee software versions and for all users either business or individual who has difficulty with their system security. Our McAfee professional support team is comprised of highly-qualified and well-skilled engineers and technicians. Our all team members are always ready to answer all problems from clients who contact them for support. Support is given by phone, web, Email or Live Chat which is comfortable and easy on the side of the client. Resolutions are provided quickly to the client from our place using remote access software. As the specialists have resolutions for most of all the issues related to, difficulties are resolved in just a few minutes.

What Difficulties Does Our McAfee Support Team Resolve?

  • McAfee specialists selected by us can resolve all problems with your McAfee protection software. Here are some problems that our specialists can fix:
  • While you downloading the McAfee Setup online, you might face the errors due to some internet connection and you need some support then, we can solve such Errors.
  • Sometimes you have downloaded the McAfee Setup and run it, but it failed to install, just reach us to solve the issue.
  • You have to activate the product online using a product key but sometimes, even if the key is right, you will be shown that activation was stuck. Don’t worry, contact us!
  • Your device may start to hang while installation process is going on. And this may be annoying, particularly if you repeat the steps, again and again, without any success.
  • Update or Upgrade errors for the McAfee setup are common and may make you worry about them.
  • Browser or Firewall blocking by McAfee need some modification of settings and for that, you have to contact expert of the McAfee.
  • Availability of other Security software on device generates the huge issues on your device so sort out the issues as early as possible.

If any of the issues occur related to, then dial our McAfee support phone number or Email us your issues, we are always ready to support you!

Why Believe in Our Third Party Services?

There are lots of third-party services providers in the market, but it is necessary to take the one that allows best-quality support and services. Our McAfee antivirus support team is made of all certified technicians and engineers that have experienced precise training in fixing difficulties with McAfee antivirus software. We are available 24X7 and we have most of all the resolutions including Make sure that you understand all guidance provided by the specialists so that your dilemma will be resolved within the short time. So trust us and get in touch with us!

Download and Installation issues with your McAfee software

McAfee is one the best American global computer protection software manufacturing corporation with safety technology. Earlier, McAfee was held by a subsidiary of Intel and at that time it was the division of Intel Security but now it has been declared by Intel that it will hold solely. McAfee Antivirus software is available for all the users for data security, network security, security control, database security, endpoint security and powerful web protection. And McAfee software is easily available at official website so buy it and activate it from

Handy Tech Support & Services to McAfee Antivirus Issues

A broad area of support and services are included by McAfee Antivirus set up software on your any device like PC, Laptop, mobile, Tablet etc. used by various age groups of users. McAfee Antivirus software is installed with a variety of viruses to detect for all its consumers. Each and every Malware, virus, cyber threat or safety violation chance is examined at the basic level to obtain McAfee more protective and provide clients’ sensitive data and directories stay away from virus or malware attack or other any vulnerability of computer. Problems occurred in McAfee antivirus requires being fixed under the direction of tech specialists with perfect resolutions to issues. You should not ignore such issues else you might face any significant difficulty or miss your sensitive data due to any risky attacks. So if you have installed and activated your McAfee product from, and you are facing any issues then contact us.

We are a group of members who are expert in offering the solutions to each and every issue related to McAfee. Below are the support and services for McAfee Antivirus which are provided by our specialist:

  • Support for accurate installation of the McAfee Software
  • Support for activation of McAfee Setup online from
  • Support for reinstallation/un-installation of McAfee Setup
  • Solve the issues of scanning the full system and laptop
  • Support for the virus, malware, Rootkit, Spyware, Cyber attacks, threat warning, etc. detection and removal with McAfee antivirus support
  • Support for firewall or Browser blocking for all McAfee users
  • Resolution of external device scanning issues

Not only these are the reason to contact our McAfee Antivirus team, but we also fast and secure services and our services are easily available. We have a certified tech expert team with the promise of complete satisfaction with advanced resolutions. Our honest and reliable support and services are available via remote access software also.

Get Immediate Support for McAfee Security Software Online

Contact our best McAfee Antivirus support and service provider who is available with the latest technology to resolve McAfee security software problems. Our online remote support is served to analysis the problem wireless and implements the resolution as per the requirement and demand. Our tech experts are available 24X7 to direct you on the correct way with excellent methods, therefore, fixing your McAfee and related problems in the least time.

We are an independent 3rd party giving support and services with the wide range of expertise in dealing with different problems concerning points and getting the issues resolved in less time. Contact our experts who are available 24X7 to control you with technologically edge online support to resolve every level of important issues concerning your Mobile, desktop, laptop, tablet and any other devices. To keep your data and device secured to get the tech issue corrected within time including issue, contact us right now! Our remote support is accessible via web, chat, call, and email, so choose appropriate option and get in touch with us.

McAfee Antivirus – Using McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security Software to Protect Your PC from Threats

Remote Support for McAfee 24X7

In today’s age, when internet and web-presence have got tremendous things, an Internet security is necessary for the existing situation. Internet protection not only prevents your Desktop and other smart devices available from any likely viruses or malware but also retains system function stable by pushing down the possibility of Viruses attack. McAfee Antivirus software defends the individual, corporate or any network from Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Rootkit, Spyware, or any online threats and attacks. And, to assist you to stay in the best form of the digital world, we offer various packages of McAfee antivirus support through remote-assistance.

We are a team of the most skilled specialists in McAfee support who offer a smooth support to the customers, encouraging them to stay preserved 24X7. The specialist team works in a complete way and each of the members helps you in solving each and every installation, setup or activation of related issues. Unlimited support and service is our goal and we have a team to proffer it to you in the best probable way.  Reach us from anywhere at any time whenever a problem in your system hinders you and we guarantee you, the difficulty will get fixed at our place only.

There are various benefits to select our team as your McAfee support and service provider for all the McAfee related issues. Some of the McAfee issues are listed below:

  • McAfee software’s pre-requirements for installation
  • Proper McAfee product selections, purchase, download online
  • McAfee Software setup, downloads, install or reinstall the McAfee Software activation or activation key regarding problems
  • Security and firewall settings to defend you from internet scams
  • McAfee un-installation/reinstallation issues
  • McAfee virus definitions update issues or McAfee Version upgrade issues
  • Decreasing in the speed, performance, and durability of your device
  • Check for other antivirus software and remove it from your device
  • McAfee Antivirus related various error logs and window messages pop up issues

You may face any other issues than above and you need support for McAfee issues, at that time, never forget that we are here to help you!

Our team offers McAfee Antivirus support round the clock to support users obtaining their issues fixed or technical issues resolved within a short period of time. You can contact our specialists by dialing our McAfee Antivirus number or McAfee Support Email ID for getting all the McAfee software support including activation from

Why Choose Us?

  • Establishes connection with you using Remote access software to serve you from our place only
  • 24X7X365 Days McAfee Support Available to troubleshoot and Fix all related issues
  • Quality assistant in the elimination of virus and malware from your device
  • Support with an immediate update of new characteristic and the recent release
  • Gives services for system speed optimization to get quick computing

Our experts providing McAfee customer service are extremely skilled in fixing all sort of significant problems that happen all of the immediate in McAfee antivirus software.

We are an independent online service provider that builds a connection with users and offer remote support. So get all sorts of doubts or problems fixed in prompt time.  Though Intel security has own McAfee Antivirus Customer support and Service team for the ease of the users. But sometimes due to huge on-call waiting lines, McAfee antivirus users feel frustrated. To evade such sort of situations, Our McAfee Antivirus Support team is available via call, email or live chat.  Our team members are trained and give quality support to all the users who have McAfee set up installed on their Laptop, Mobile, Computer, Tablet etc.


Get Immediate And Strong Support For McAfee Issues With Expert Team

McAfee is one of the most believed names in the field of affordable security software. They are generally identified for powerful virus elimination and malware security. McAfee is also one of the most generally bundled security software for businesses and individual both, which provides them a tremendous business-share in device security. The point where the McAfee Users suffer most is with technical support for McAfee problems, essentially because of its necessity of a dedicated client assistance center. This is where we as a McAfee support provider, assisting you to get the maximum of McAfee antivirus software support for all the related.

All you’ll ever require for troubleshooting for McAfee problems is provided by us! Our team is an expert in a broad field of technical issues of McAfee. Giving support and services for McAfee antivirus, Installation or Activation related problems are part of our regular work. Our fast growth into one the several strong 24X7 support for McAfee technical problems is because of our proficient professionals and strong enough to the handle all of our clients’ demand. Admittedly, where the group holds small with technical support for all McAfee issues, we move in to offer expert guidance and comprehensive resolutions. If you’re fighting with your security software or internet security software, relax ensured that support is at hand. All you require is to pick up your phone and dial our support number.

We Offer Support and services all sort of problems like:

  • Support for installing, uninstalling or Activating McAfee Antivirus from
  • McAfee Internet Security software
  • Help for McAfee Antivirus subscription update online
  • Assistant in upgrading McAfee antivirus software for various versions
  • Support for McAfee manual uninstall or switching McAfee account from one device to other
  • Troubleshoot Virus problems of your device
  • Support and guidance for McAfee software technical issues or System issues
  • The device scans for the viruses to examine the virus attacks
  • Modify McAfee antivirus settings as per system demands
  • Repair McAfee security settings for comprehensive security
  • Remove other Security software and fulfill pre-requirements of the device

24X7 Online Help-desk for McAfee Problems

We think that consumers are allowed to the best sort of support and service for McAfee problems. With our dedicated expert support for McAfee problems professionals, we give a variety of services and supports that every user believes.

Our committed technicians have trained in McAfee security software-troubleshooting problems. We are able to save sensitive data from yielded devices. We offer 24X7 help-desks for McAfee Problems via toll-free support number. Our prompt service and support through safe support toll-free number that does not retain you waiting for moments. McAfee support for each and every McAfee issues including is available here!

To exterminate your difficulties and obtain the best technical support for McAfee problems, call us or Email US on our support number or Email Id.

Trusting our team with blending Technical Support Problems for McAfee is Simple

Great McAfee software can support you hold your machine preserved from undesired attacks by viruses, Trojans, Rootkit, malware, Spyware and other security incompetency concerning problems. Viruses or Malware can leave you revealed to data fraud, identification grab, and some moderately dangerous outcomes including the stealing of all your data. Clients frequently suffer problems related and they need expert support like us!

Maybe you are looking for the sort of support providing abilities for McAfee problems which only we can offer via the Phone number, Email, Live chat or Web using Remote support software!