How McAfee Helps If Your Wi-Fi Connection is Not Working?

If the customer finds the issue of Wi-Fi Connection is Not Working. Then, to fix the issue you should first scan your device with McAfee Antivirus via In this article, you will read the method to resolve if your Wi-Fi connection is not working.

Method to Resolve If Your Wi-Fi Connection is Not Working:

1. Update Network Drivers:

First, you should right-hit on Start button and then open the Device Manager. After this, you should expand Network Adapters. Now, you should right-tap on your network adapters and tap on Update driver software. It is advised you should do it with LAN and WLAN adapters. At last, just wait for method to end and restart your PC.

2. Reset TCP/IP:

To reset IP, you should visit to Search and then write cmd and then right-tap on it and then run the Command Prompt (Admin). Now in the command line, you should write the below commands and tap on Enter key after each one:

netsh int ip reset

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

At last, you should Reboot your Computer.

3. Change Wireless SSID and Password of your Modem:

To fix the network issues, you should change the wireless SSID and password of your modem. For this, you have to connect your computer system to the modem just by using Ethernet cable.

4. Check for Malware:

Sometimes, customer faces issues if the network connection is corrupted because of malware. Hence, you should run the McAfee antivirus via in order to scan your device for malware. This advanced antivirus will identify and remove the virus from your device.

5. Reset your Modem:

First, you should Shut down your router or modem. After this, you should wait for a minute and then power it on. Now, you have to temporarily disable modem/router’s built-in firewall. Then, you have to Reset the modem/router to factory settings. At last, you should check your router/modem is not overheating and just place it far from temperature sources.

6. Use Internet Connection Troubleshooter:

To use troubleshooter, you should visit to Settings. Now, you should open Update & Security. After this, you should visit to Troubleshoot option. Then, you have to tap on Internet Connection Troubleshooter. At this point, just follow the instructions and then wait for the wizard to complete. At last, you should restart your computer device.

7.  Check DHCP is on:

The user should open Network Connections. After this, you should locate your network adapter and then right-tap on it and then select Diagnose option. Here, you should wait for the method to complete. If you find that DHCP procedure was disabled, then it will enable it.

8. Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall:

The customer should open Control Panel. After this, you should visit to System and Security. Now, you should tap on Windows Firewall. Here from the left side, you should choose Turn Windows Firewall on or off. At this point, you should Turn off Windows Firewall for both Private and Public networks. At last, you should Restart your system.

If the user wants to know the procedure for installing McAfee, then visit to