Complete Information About McAfee Web Advisor Application

McAfee Webadvisor is an application which comes along with McAfee product and can install via It protects your device from virus and malware. It safeguards your data from hackers on the Internet. In this blog, you will read the complete information about McAfee WebAdvisor Application.

Feature of McAfee Web Advisor Application:

  1. This application blocks the suspicious link, if you have opened in your device.
  2. It also views the downloaded items in your device, in order to view the threat in those items.
  3. The application protects your device from all the harmful elements which are there on the internet.

Method To Install Application in your Device:

McAfee Web Advisor application comes with McAfee product which you have purchased or you can download the free version.

  1. First, the user has to open the McAfee official website via
  2. After this, you should choose ‘Free Download’ option.
  3. Here, you have to open the McAfee application from your browser’s download section.
  4. Now, you have to choose ‘Yes’ option.
  5. At last, you should follow the instructions which are given on the application in order to download McAfee WebAdvisor.

Method To Block and Unblock a Website with McAfee Web Advisor Application:

Blocking and Unblocking options are not available in McAfee WebAdvisor application. But, you can block by choosing the Parental Control option and then add the website. You will find that website will not load, till you deactivate the option of Parental control.

And to unblock a website, you can do through the main application that not to block the website. For this, you should open the main application through taskbar and start option. After this, select the settings icon. Now, you have to choose the ‘Firewall’ option and then choose ‘Net Guard’ option. At this point, you should choose the address of the website which you wish to allow through setting. Then, you have to select ‘Edit, select ‘Allow’ and then select ‘Apply’ option.

Method to Delete Application Extension:

This application use browser to detect the virus and malware. It is there in browser in the form of extension and you can delete the extension.

Google Chrome:

For removing the extension, you should start the application from your device. After this, press the options- Menu Icon, More Tools and Extensions. Now, you should choose the ‘Remove’ option, near the WebAdvisor. At last, you should press ‘Remove’ option.

Microsoft Edge:

First, in the search bar of your taskbar and then type ‘Internet Explorer’. After this, you should press the options- Open, go to ‘Settings’ Icon, then visit to Internet Options, Programs, Manage Add-Ones, McAfee Extensions and Disable option.


For this, you should open the Application. After this, you should press on the options- Menu Icon and ‘Add-ons’. At last, press on the ‘Disable’ option which is next to WebAdvisor.

Method To Remove Web Advisor:

  1. First, you should Search for Run in the search bar of your taskbar.
  2. After this, you should choose ‘Open’ option to start the run application.
  3. Then, in the application type: appwiz.cpl and press ‘Ok’ button.
  4. Now, search for the WebAdvisor Application and then select it.
  5. Here, you should choose ‘Uninstall/Change’ option and press ‘Yes’ button.
  6. To reinstall, choose ‘No thanks, Just Install it’ and press ‘Done’ button.

This is the complete information about McAfee Web Advisor application. To know more about McAfee, go to