How McAfee Provide Complete Security Against Spyware?

McAfee antivirus is the amazing software with advance feature. This software helps to remove malicious content from your device and can install via In this blog, you will read the method to remove Spyware from your computer by using McAfee antivirus.

Method to Remove Spyware From Your Computer:

  1. First of all, you should update your McAfee product to the latest version.
  2. Now, you should open your McAfee product and then tap on ‘Check for updates’ option.
  3. At this point, you should wait till the McAfee product is updated.
  4. After this, you should launch McAfee antivirus.
  5. Then, you need to tap on the PC Security option and then hit on ‘Scan for viruses’ button.
  6. Here, you should tap on Scan your PC and then you need to select ‘Run a Full scan.’
  7. Now, a full scan to remove spyware from your PC.
  8. You should wait till the full system scan is finish and then tap on View Results.
  9. At last, you should tap on the action buttons in order to remove the spyware and then tap on OK button. For more help, just tap on

Turn On McAfee Virus And Spyware Protection:

  1. You should open McAfee application on your computer system.
  2. After this, you should tap on the Navigation button and then just select Real-Time Scanning.
  3. At this point, you should select Turn On option. You need to set the preferences for Real-Time Scanning.
  4. Now, you should tap on the Navigation again and then tap on Firewall.
  5. Here, you should turn the firewall on just by clicking on ‘Turn On’ and then go back to the McAfee dashboard.
  6. You should make sure Real-Time Scanning and Firewall options are enabled.
  7. At last, you need to close the McAfee application.

Method to Scan for Spyware by using McAfee Antivirus:

  1. You need to launch McAfee antivirus on your computer system.
  2. At this point, you should tap on PC Security which is located at the top of the McAfee window.
  3. Now, you should tap on ‘Real-Time Scanning’ in order to open the real-time scanning options.
  4. Here, you should set the ‘When a virus is found’ option in order to ‘Clean.’
  5. Also, you should set the ‘If unable to clean,’ ‘When a spyware is found,’ ‘If unable to clean’ options just according to your preference.
  6. Then, you have to tap on the Real-Time Scanning switch which is located at the top and toggle real-time scanning on.
  7. With this, McAfee will automatically detect and delete spyware from your computer system.
  8. If you want to manually run a scan, then you should return to the McAfee dashboard and then hit on the PC Security button.
  9. Now, you should tap on Run a Scan and then hit on ‘Full Scan’ or ‘Custom Scan.’
  10. Here, you need to select a destination folder where spyware can be located and then tap on Scan option.
  11. When scan is finished, then spyware is deleted from your computer system.

If McAfee Spyware Keeps Turning Off! How to Fix it?

  1. You should download and run the MCPR tool on your computer system as an administrator.
  2. When corrupt McAfee application is uninstalled from your computer system, then you should restart it.
  3. At this point, you should reinstall the McAfee product and then check the issue persists or not.

The above method tells you, how McAfee helps to remove Spyware from your device. If the user wants more detail, go to