How to Fix McAfee Debug Error Message?

McAfee is the great antivirus which gives cyber security to users from threat and can install in your device via But sometimes while using McAfee antivirus, users gets the McAfee Debug Error Message. So, in this blog you will get the solution to fix McAfee Debug Error Message.

Method to Enable Debug Logging:

Before solving the issue, you have to first enable debug logging on both the client and server so that you can get the additional information, which is required to solve the issue. Then, you can fix the server and client problem.

1. Set the McAfee Agent Log Level (Debug):

1. First, you should log on to the ePO console.

2. After this, you should tap on Menu, Policy, policy catalog.

3. Now from product drop down list, you have to Select McAfee agent.

4. Then from the category drop down list, you have to choose general.

5. At this point, you have to tap on the policy which you want to change.

6. Here, you need to tap on the logging tab.

7. Thereafter, you need to select the Enable option for detail logging.

8. If it is required, then change the Logfile size limit (MB) and Rollover count options.

9. At the end, you should tap on Save button.

2. Set McScript to Debug Log Level:

1. The user should first of all, press Windows + R key at the same time in order to open the Run Dialog box.

2. Now in the run box, the user should type Regedit and then hit on Enter key.

3. After this, you should go to the following key : [HKEY _LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Network Associates\ TVD\Shared Components\Framework\ ]

4. At this point, you should right-click on Framework and then choose New, DWORD 32bit Value.

5. Here in the name field, you should type the following: dwDebugScript

6. Here, you have to right-click on dwDebugScript and then choose Modify option.

7. Then in the Value Data field, you need to type 2 and then tap on OK button.

8. At the end, log writes the entries as “X” in order to confirm the debug is enabled.

Method to Resolve McAfee Debug Error Message:

  1. Enable MQM to Debug Logging :
  2. The user should first Log on to Quarantine Manager just by using the super admin account.
  3. After this, you need to choose Setting and Diagnostics option and then choose Diagnostics.
  4. Now, you should choose Debug tracing and then set it to High.
  5. Here, you need to Allow logging to take place.
  6. At this point, you should replicate the operation which caused your computer to behave unexpected.
  7. Then, you have to search the debugging output files which are listed below. These files are usually present in the MQM installation folder.
  8. At the end, you need to open the service request and then submit these files.
  9. Disable Debug Logging :
  10. To disable, you should first log on to MQM just by using the super admin account.
  11. Then, you have to choose settings and diagnostics and then select Diagnostics.
  12. Here, you have to choose debug tracing and then just set to None.
  13. At the end, you need to tap on Apply changes.

With this above method, the user can fix the McAfee Debug Error Message. For more help, you should go to McAfee site via