How to Fix McAfee Download and Activation Error?

McAfee antivirus is the popular security software which scans the data timely and can install via But some users encounter problem while downloading and activating. So, in this blog you will read the solution to fix McAfee Download and Activate error.

Method To Fix McAfee Download and Activation Error:

Solution to Fix Download Error:

Download Error occurs if there is problem connecting to the server, do not have proper internet connection, corrupt data, and if there is virus affecting to the files and folders.

1: Fix Storage Of Your Computer:

First, go to the left hand side and press the Start button. Then in the search box, you have to type “Command”. After this, you have to press the CTRL+SHIFT key and then hit on Enter key. Here, the permission box comes on your screen “Do you want the following Application to make changes to your system”. Then, you have to press “Yes” option. After clicking on “Yes”, then command prompt will display on your screen. Then, you need to write “Regedit” and press Enter. At this point, you have to choose an Error key for McAfee Download Error. Now, you should export the selected key to the folder. You should Export the Key to the place where you can easily find it. Just save the file with a name. Here, you have to tap on the Save Option. Finally, the file will save with the “.reg file extension”.

2: Check Internet Connection Of Your Computer:

You should ensure that your computer has a proper internet Connection because if the internet is not working properly then McAfee will not download properly. If in case, your internet is not working properly then you should check your Internet Setting or the user can call to the Internet Service Provider. For help, tap on

Solution to Fix McAfee Activation Error:

Activation Error occurs if the user is unable to activate McAfee product through retail card or CD.

1: Resolve Issues while Activating from a CD:

First, you should put the CD in your drive. After this, the installation starts automatically. Now, follow instructions to install your McAfee product. Here in the taskbar, you have to tap on the McAfee icon. After this, you should select the Activate Now option. Then, type in CD key. At this point, you have to select the activate option. Finally, an activation message pops up on your computer screen.

2: Run McAfee Virtual Technician:

You should open your computer system and then go to the start button. After this, you need to visit to the McAfee consumer support page and hit on McAfee virtual technician. Now, you need to tap on the download option and run the tool. Here, a prompt box appears on your screen. Then, you have to save the mvt.exe file to the desktop. After this, you should run the mvt. Now, a windows user control box display on your screen. At this point, you have to tap on yes option to run the mvt. You should wait for some time for the mvt to install and update. Now, scan your device with the McAfee product. If there is any issue, then choose the auto-fix option. At last, close the mvt.

For more details about McAfee issue, the user can visit to the site of McAfee via