How To Troubleshoot If McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac?

McAfee antivirus is the security software which gives safeguards your device from online threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and phishing attacks. This product can install through This software is completely reliable with the devices like Mac, Windows and Android. As you all know, updates are very essential for the devices because updates comes up with latest features to give extra protection to your device from threat. But, sometimes user faces issue like McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac.  In this blog, you will read the method to fix if McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac.

What are the Reasons McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac?

McAfee LiveSafe failed on Mac, if Internet Security for Mac kernel extension is not authorized. Secondly, if there is an issue with our Firewall. And also if there is a problem with the Internet Settings.

Solution To Fix If McAfee Livesafe Update Failed on Mac:

Solution 1: Authorize Internet Security for Mac Kernel:

To authorize Internet Security for MAC, you should tap on the McAfee menulet which is located on the menu bar. After this, you should choose McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security Console. Now, you have to tap on Mac Security. Here, you should enable a security feature such as Real-Time Scanning. At this point, you should look for the option We need permission. Then, you should tap on OK button to allow the procedure to continue. At last, Internet Security for Mac will be authorized.

Solution 2: Change Firewall Settings:

Sometimes, the firewall settings automatically changes in your device which stops the computer system from updating McAfee antivirus. For this, you should tapon the McAfee menulet present which is on the menu bar. Now, you should tap on McAfee Live Safe – Internet Security Console. Here, you should hit on Mac Security.And thentap on Firewall. At this point, you should tap on the lock in order to make changes and then just type your password. Next, you should change in the Type from Public to Home or Work. At the end, you should again hit on the lock in order to save the changes.

Solution 3: Change the Internet Setting:

The user can easily fix the issue related to Internet Settings just by removing Caches and Cookies from Safari. To change the internet settings, you should open Safari. After this, you should tap on Safari, Preferences. Now, you need to hit on Privacy. And then tap on Manage Website Data. Here, you should hit on Remove All. At this point, you should tap on Remove Now and then hit on Done. At the end, you should Restart your Mac.

To fix this issue, the user can also reinstall McAfee antivirus in their Macintosh device and regularly update.

With this above method, the customer can fix this issue if McAfee LiveSafe Update Failed on Mac. For more detailed information about McAfee antivirus, you should visit to the site of McAfee via

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