How you can Encrypt your Data with McAfee?

McAfee is the well known antivirus among all the antivirus. This antivirus gives you ever lasting protection against all the threat. It keeps your internet connected device safe and out of the reach of hackers. You can install this via  As with the increased rate of cyber crimes, it becomes difficult to protect your sensitive data like bank account details and credit card details. So to protect your confidential data, users store their sensitive information in the cloud security. But you can protect the cloud information by encrypting it. It is very necessary that the information stored in cloud is encrypted so that nobody else can access your data or from unauthorized access.

What are the two types of Data Encryption?

Data encryption is used for the data that is stored and also for the data that is transmitted.

  1. Symmetric Encryption:

With this technique, the same key is used to encrypt or decrypt the data. Through this you can do fast and efficient encryption. It is very critical because single key is used to access the data (modify as well as re-encrypt the data).

  • Asymmetric Encryption:

In this there are two keys; one is public and another one private key. The public key is to encrypt the data and the private key is to decrypt the data.

All the government and the industrialist used this encryption policy to protect consumer’s privacy and prevent their sensitive data.

Where the Encrypted Information be conveyed?

  1. In the Cloud Application
  2. On the capacity of the media
  3. In travel over the system
  4. Cloud Security Service Programming

On Premises or Cloud Based Encryption:

Most of the organization is storing their sensitive data in the cloud to protect from cyber criminals. Encryption uses the extra bandwidth and CPU resources. That is why the cloud providers do not provide encryption as it increases the cost of cloud provider. This is the responsibility of the firm or organization to encrypt their confidential data. Data encryption is the very effective form of data security. McAfee’s data encryption tools give you encryption of corporate data, user endpoints, shared services, and also by providing centralized management of encryption policies.

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