Latest Changes in McAfee’s Evolved client product Portfolio

On Sep 20, 2018, McAfee has announced few modifications in consumer security portfolio. In this internet-based world, such McAfee Antivirus products focus on excellent execution, better malware security, and a holistic way of ensuring every aspect of an associated client’s life.

Latest updates of McAfee products

  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection and McAfee Safe Family are combined with the other McAfee products like McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe.
  • Also, McAfee AntiVirus, McAfee AntiVirus Plus, and McAfee Internet Security are now combined with the McAfee Ransom Guard and PC Boost.
  • McAfee’s all core products now transfers the virus scanning and analysis report to the McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) cloud, which results in fewer resources requirements and systems runs at a fast speed.
  • For PC improvements,
    • McAfee App Boost: Some apps which are used by customers actively sometimes need more resources. McAfee App Boost offers required resources to the application automatically.
    • McAfee Web Boost: It blocks unwanted or not required downloads and device activity generated by auto-play videos which decreased bandwidth and resource requirements.
  • For Mobile improvements,
    • McAfee Mobile Security: This product is completely re-designed and developed to give more automatic and appealing user experience.
    • McAfee Mobile Security for Android: In this, McAfee added new technology “Machine Learning” capabilities including the mobile Antivirus engine, which gives more active scanning and high-speed virus detection.
    • McAfee Mobile Security for iOS: It has a new feature known as Wi-Fi Threat Scan which displays the protection status of the connected Wi-Fi network and warns users if the Wi-Fi network they are using is at danger or not.
  • Improved Ransomware Security

Last year, McAfee launched antivirus software with Machine Learning technology to secure users from the latest virus and scams. Some features are also added to it like:

McAfee Ransom Guard: It appends an extra layer of security on the device by monitoring for doubtful file modifications, alerts the user when Ransomware may be trying to enter and hints some steps for fixing. Also, this feature enables McAfee to identify many alternatives to Ransomware.

Virus Protection Pledge: McAfee increases the assurance to six extra languages. If a user registered in automatic subscription receives a virus with security turned on, the client support team will eliminate it, or the client will get a payment return.

  • To Secure Digital Lives

In this digital era, people become more and more depended on the internet, and they’re in the necessity of security. And this is because McAfee’s new features include more security which covers:

McAfee Safe Family: It allows parents the visibility and commands required to have their children protected online when they utilize their Computer, Smartphone, Laptop, and tablets. And new characteristics and advantages like Scan and activity report, app and web preventing features, screen time controllers, location tracking, and so many.

McAfee Identity Theft Protection: It will allow you to do a proactive way to guard their identities. It will include characteristics and advantages like security or credit analysis, Social safety number track, 24X7 supports, ID improving, and taken funds payment.

These both are combined with subscriptions to McAfee Total Protection 10 and McAfee LiveSafe.

So if you are looking for an Antivirus software then McAfee evolved portfolio of products guarantees you about your data security. So download setup, activate from and enjoy the limitless security.


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