How McAfee Helps To Fix err_ internet _disconnected Error?

If the customer is getting the issue such as err_internet_disconnected error, then they can fix the issue by installing McAfee antivirus through This antivirus tool will not interfere with PC workings. In this article, you will read the method to fix err_internet_disconnected error.

Method To Fix err_ internet_disconnected Error:

1. Check Internet connection is Working:

To fix this issue, you should check your Internet connection is working. For this, you should access the Internet from other device like PC, Smartphone or tablet etc. in your network. If you find the issue on all devices, then the issue is with network cable. In this situation, you should check if everything is connected properly. In case, the issue is with your PC, then this means your router is working properly but the issue is with your PC’s network settings. To fix this issue, you should restart your modem/router. For this, you should press Power button in your router and just turn it off for 30 seconds. Again, press the Power button and just wait for the router to boot. When your router boots, then check the issue is fixed.

2. Clear Browsing Data and Cache:

To clear cache, you should tap on the Menu icon which is in the top right side of the screen. Then from the menu, you should select Settings option. If the Settings tab opens, then scroll down and tap on Advanced option. At this point, you should tap on Clear browsing data. Lastly, you should set Time range to All time and then hit on Clear data.

3. Use Different Browser:

To fix the problem, the user should use Opera Browser. It is a lightweight browser which has built-in messengers, battery saver, Customizable Speed Dials, and also mouse gestures. Using Opera browser, will fix the issue.

4.  Change Internet Options:

To change Internet options, you should tap on Win Key + I together to open the Settings app. If Settings app opens up on your screen, then go to Network & Internet section. Here from the menu, you should choose Proxy which is on the left side of the screen. At last, in the right side you should disable all options.

5. Switch to McAfee Antivirus:

Sometimes, antivirus and firewall interferes with your Internet connection, and you get this error. Hence to fix this issue, you should temporarily disable your antivirus and firewall. In case, this doesn’t fix the issue then just uninstall it. If removing the third-party antivirus fixes the issues, then for protection just switch to McAfee antivirus tool. You can install this software via and it will not interfere with your system.  

6. Reinstall Network Adapter:

For this, you should hit on Win Key + X altogether to open Power User Menu. Then from the menu, you should choose Device Manager. If Device Manager opens up on your screen, then find and right tap on your network adapter and select Uninstall device. At last, check the box of Delete the driver software for this device and tap on Uninstall button.

Through this method, you can fix the issue of err_internet_disconnected error. To know about McAfee, visit to