Best Way To Resolve McAfee Error Code 5

McAfee is the ultimate security software which gives complete protection to your device and can install through Sometimes, users face McAfee error code 5. This error occurs when the credentials you used to deploy do not get proper permission means “access denied”. In this blog, you will read the solution of McAfee Error Code 5.

Method To Fix McAfee Error Code 5:

Causes of Mcafee Error Code 5:

This McAfee error occurs because of corrupted windows or if incomplete windows have been downloaded, if the Windows files have been mistakenly deleted, Viruses or malware is also the reason for this error.

Solution to Resolve Mcafee Error Code 5:

1. Repair Registry Entry:

First, you have to move your cursor to the start button and then click on it. After this, you need to type “command” in the search box option. Then, you have to press “CTRL+SHIFT+Enter” altogether. Now, you have to give permission by tapping on “yes” option. At this point, you have to type “Regedit” in the black box and then hit on “Yes” option and then press “Enter” key. Here, you have to select the “Error Code 5” key in the “registry editor”. And then you have to click on “Export” option which displays after hitting on “file”. Now, you have to select a folder to save the backed-up keys and hit on “save in” option. After this, you need to give your file a name. Next, you have to select the “Selected branch” option in the “Export Range Box”. Then, you need to save the file by tapping on “save” option. At this point, you have a back-up of windows registry entry.

2. Run Windows System File Checker:

You should click on start button and then go to the search box which is in the start option and then type “Command”. After this, you need to press “CTRL+SHIFT+Enter” altogether. Then, you have to give permission by hitting on “yes” option. Now, in the black box you should type “sfc/scannow” and then hit on Enter key. Here, the scanning process will start for Error Code 5. At last, just follow the given commands.

3. By Updating System:

To fix the issue, you should ensure that your PC driver software and windows files are up to date. Because, regular update will help you to run your computer system smoothly. For more details, visit

4. By Disk Cleaning Up:

First, you need to tap on “start”. Then in search box, just type “command”. After this, you should hit on “Enter” while holding “Ctrl+Shift” together. Now, click on “yes” option in the prompted permission dialogue box. Here, a black box displays with a blinking cursor. At this point, press “Enter” key after typing “cleanmgr”. Now, the Disk Cleanup will show the space you can reclaim in the occupied disk. Here, a dialogue box displays with several checkbox.  You need to select “temporary files” and tap on “ok” button.

5. By Restoring System:

You should “Undo” recent system changes. Here, the Windows restore system will allow you to “Undo” the last changes which occur in your PCs. This will restores programs and system files back in time. And also restore system changes will help your hours of troubleshooting and fixes the issue easily.

The above method will help you to fix the issue McAfee error code 5. If the user need any kind of help or information, then go to the site of McAfee via