How to Troubleshoot McAfee Installation Error on Window 10?

McAfee antivirus is the reliable antivirus software which can easily install through But sometimes user faces McAfee Installation issues. In this blog, you will read the method to fix McAfee Installation Error on Window 10. 

Method To Troubleshoot McAfee Installation Error On Window 10:

1: Use Pre-install Tool on Windows PC:

The McAfee Pre-install tool:

First, you should clean up all the temporary files which interfere with installation of your McAfee software. After this, you should register the Dynamic Link Library (DLL) files. Now, you have to Prepare your PC for installation of your McAfee software. Then, you have to tap on the link (McAfee Pre-Install Tool). When the pre-install tool.exe completed downloading, then you should install it in your device.

2. Enable Administrator Account:

The Windows Administrator account:

It will allow the user to run the installer with the Windows permission. Then, you should log out from your current account and then just log in the windows administrator account just to perform install. Now, you have to disable Administrator account when you install the McAfee product.

To enable the Administrator account, you should type command in the search box. After this, you should right click on the command prompt icon and then select (Run as administrator). Now, you have to type: net user administrator /active: yes

Next, you have to log out of Windows and then just log in with the administrator account. When you log in as Administrator, then you should try installation again.

3: Download and Run MCPR (McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool):

For this, first you have to download a new copy of MCPR. Now, you have to make sure that you use the latest version of McAfee products. The MCPR will help to clean up all the components up to 100%. After this, just restart your PC.

Keep in mind before you start, you should Bookmark all your favorite articles. After this, you should save all open files. Then, you have to close all the programs. At this point, you should download the MCPR tool. Here, you should double-click MCPR.exe. Now, you will see the security warning. Next, you should tap on yes option to continue or hit on Run. In the McAfee software removal screen, you should click on Next option. You should press Agree button to accept the end-user for license agreement. In security Validation screen, you should type all the characters and then click on Next option. At last, restart the PC to finish the removal process.

4: Clean Up Unsuccessful:

You should Restart your PC and then run the MCPR again. If in case, the user see the clean up unsuccessful then you should try to ignore it. Here, you should Restart the PC again. At this point, you should try to re-install your McAfee software.

With this above method, the user can fix McAfee Installation Error on Window 10. If the customer need help in installing McAfee, go to www mcafee com activate.