Warm Welcome at Crossroads – IPad to Rule

Warm Welcome at Crossroads – IPad to Rule

Sales statistics of $ 112 billion revenue with 225 million units sold grabbing $30 billion profit is surely a feat to reckon for a product’s sky-rocketing market presence. iPad an invention by Steve Jobs four years ago is a niche product presence giving sleepless nights to Apple to make alterations. iPad is a very straightforward device that sits in between a phone and a PC but comparatively does a better task than both.Web surfing,emailing,reading ebooks etc. with initial sales grabbing the headlines and at present also with a much different consumer tech landscape in 2014-2015 is eye popping feat.

Analyzing the characteristics of iPads which make it more sale able item is :

  • As with most phones iPhone have small displays.
  • Mac Books are thick, heavy and with non-retina.
  • New applications mesmerize the customers and masses.
  • iPhones come in a size of 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches much smaller than phones.
  • The paid app or even free app ecosystem is stale.

Despite the above characteristics of iPad and the sky-rocketing sales figures there are instances where people have opted for Apple’s iPhone with a screen that does not seem smaller than an iPad mini. In fact they have also found Mac book Air a better option being more powerful and easily transportable. It is also being perceived that as compared to 2010 the space between the phone and PC has become smaller,more powerful and larger. The Tablets on the other hand are getting compressed and squeezed. On the contrary iPad Pro also known as Mac Book Air is considered as a good write up tool but is fairly good for looking at recipes. Information on flights,watching movies,reading news etc. I find my iPhone 5 and Mac Book fairly comfortable.

With Haptic feedback you are relaxed with your wrist and easily respond to “messages”in a jiffy without any stress. iPad is just superb for watching video pod casts. Although bigger screen is more enjoyable for video but iPad is equally doing a good job allowing video to be watched on the couch as a perk. Although Apple is doing a million dollar business with iPad but it is revealed in the market that iPad cannot be placed near iPhone as an all-encompassing mobile device.

My personal experience is that although 5-5 inch display is superb, largely replacing the need for a iPad for movies but carrying a 5.5 inch device is certainly messy and bulky. If I could keep the phone near me in a backpack or purse, and able to get info at a glance from an Apple Watch without having to fumble taking the phone out every few minutes makes a lot of sense to me.

However most of my daily transaction and usage of my mobile centers on an iPhone :

  • For Messaging I use iPhone i Message, Facebook,Twitte
  • For Emailing I use iPhone
  • For Web surfing I use iPhone Tweet bot
  • For Games latest fad is usually on iPhone
  • For Photos to be clicked it is also on iPhone
  • For Weather forecast it is also on iPhone
  • For Traffic I use iPhone For Maps I use iPhone
  • For Video pod casts use iPad (for the larger screen)

App developers have been too preoccupied with iPhone’s explosive usage to focus resources on iPad and hence all the focus on iPhone is not a denial. There is an intriguing software for iPad which is a fact. Someone who has specialized in the field of medicine,sports,films,music etc. Will be more in a position to point out apps that harness iPad’s potential is fantastically niche and even Apple’s latest iPad commercials reiterate the niche factor. iPad is a device all about apps and even with no inclination to do web surfing,emailing,photos is still an ominous sign for future. I am still inclined to be hooked with my iPad and nothing else.

In fact all my children s friends and my husbands colleagues have started using iPads as their main computer getting away with their old laptops,desktops. So much so that even the parents,grand parents are making iPads are their closest comrades! They find it extremely user friendly and highly mobile.

Proliferation of Smartphones usage among-st students is also one of the reason for iPad programs to be introduced in schools and colleges taking a back seat primarily due to logistical as well as budgetary concerns. However there is above all still a huge market (smaller but niche)for iPad in education industry.

iPad in commercial workplace is still an unknown factor in terms of market analysis. Although iPad Sales to the enterprise will represent a growing share of iPad sales. Apple’s partnership with IBM is a major step hoping for a new light to emerge.

The current landscape can come into lot of lime lite if iPad adopts some changes.

iPad mini should be stopped for sale due to low-margin response to cheap Android tablets and lack of large iPhone,iPad mini retaining the tablet game in the market. Despite of Apple

adding Touch ID to iPad mini with some other updates in the near future provided the sales trends improve in the market.Of course iPad mini staying on par for too long with iPad is quite doubtful. However the scenario can be saved if the prices of iPad are lowered.

Even with an introduction of an iPad Pro with a 12.9 -inch retina display,new software that moves beyond rows of app icons, and accessories (capable) including keyboard stands and styli. IBM’s Partnership with Apple is a major break through here. It is therefore said that large iPad Pro with customized software and accessories will certainly be more interesting and workable to enterprises with basic office utilities. In fact Corporate,Institutions,MNC, hospitals,hospitality are making it mandatory for their all levels of executives to have iPads for more efficiency and productivity.

iPad is an optimistic venture in the world of Computers and Computing people! Long Live iPads!

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Steps to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker

Antivirus software is software that supports recognizing and removing the virus infection from the device. Antivirus software works with a database of the virus to block viruses. The database has data for viruses that are refreshed by default using the internet data only. When antivirus software scans the device and finds a file that has data associated to the virus, it just blocks the file from and removes it from the device. There are various antivirus applications available in the market for free and paid both versions and you can choose any of them.

McAfee is one of the most famous antivirus software in the Globe. They give comprehensive protection and solutions for all the difficulties associating to internet and data. It holds your data protected from any type of virus, Trojans, Adware, spyware, malware, hacking and other risks in the devices. The foremost reason behind the demand for McAfee software is that it supports a lot to the people by providing the best services to offer internet security, information protection, and fraud of the data from the device. Also, the reputation of McAfee software is that it gives the best solutions in the domain of security and safety. McAfee Software is easy to use and get regular updates of the software from mcafee.com/activate.

While using McAfee software user may encounter a lot of difficulties, these issues are either linked to the performance of the McAfee antivirus software or they are correlated to the usage of the security software. One of the difficulties among them is the difficulty of Ad in within the working of the antivirus software.

It is very irritating when a user faces ad while working with McAfee antivirus as it needs a lot of time of the user and it also diverts the user from the regular work they were performing while using the software. McAfee supports the users by preventing the ads but it is sometimes essential for the user to pause or disable the ad blocker because some websites do not open if the ad blocker is turned on. If, you are suffering this sort of difficulty and have problems concerning too much advertisement while running on the software then, you can contact McAfee customer care executives by Support Number or Email id given at mcafee.com/activate and get resolutions for all the problems.

Steps to Disable McAfee Ad Blocker

  • Open the web browser in which you have installed the Adblocker Extension
  • Now, each browser has own distinct settings to block an ad blocker. In Chrome, you have to choose more tools and then tick on extensions, whereas in Firefox browser you have to press on Add-ons.
  • In the extension list, search for the Ad block option
  • After you get that, turn off the option by ticking on the Disable Ad block button. In the chrome, you have to un-tick the enabled option and in the Firefox, you have to right-click on the ad blocker to see the disable option
  • Once you have finished with the above steps, close the window and restart it

These are some of the steps that you can go through to disable the ad blocker. In the situation, you are facing issues or you have any query or suffer from any problem in disabling the ad blocker then you can contact McAfee Technical Support team at mcafee.com/activate. In spite of working with this solution steps if the difficulties still remain then you can connect our team with the McAfee Antivirus Support.

Guide to redeem McAfee Retail Card – McAfee.com/Activate

McAfee is one of the most used antivirus software around the globe. Today’s generation is very highly attracted towards the internet as the internet has made their lives very simple. But as the use of internet increases thus increases the threat of cyber crimes and various other online threats such as Trojan horses, dangerous malware and virus attacks. In order to prevent this from happening McAfee has developed multiple of products to allow their users to connect to the internet in a safe and risk free way. All the products of McAfee have all the advanced built-in features like anti-spamming, firewall, and anti-malware. Some of the globally used McAfee products are as follows:

  1. McAfee internet security
  2. McAfee virus protection
  3. McAfee
  4. McAfee virus scan
  5. McAfee virus removal service
  6. McAfee mobile security

You can download all the McAfee setup by using either the online method or the offline method. If you are willing to choose an online option then you just need to have the internet connection for downloading the McAfee setup in your system.

If you are planning to go with the offline option then you just have to visit the nearby McAfee retail shop and make the purchase of McAfee setup for your system. The McAfee setup offline pack consists of a CD in which the McAfee software is enclosed and the McAfee retail card which will be attached to the back side of the McAfee software CD. McAfee Retail card is enclosed with the activation link of McAfee for example McAfee.com/Activate.

The activation of McAfee antivirus is the most efficient step because only after activating the software you will be able to utilize all inbuilt features and services of your purchased software.

Activate McAfee setup by using McAfee Retail Card

In order to activate McAfee setup by using the McAfee Retail card you just need to follow the below mentioned step by step procedure:

  1. The first step is to redeem your McAfee Retail Card.
  2. To redeem the McAfee Retail card you have to type the activation link mentioned on your McAfee Retail Card (for example McAfee.com/Activate) in the URL bar of your web browser.
  3. Select the “Country” and “Language” as mentioned on the McAfee Retail Card on the activation page.
  4. Now you need to type the McAfee activation license code and the registered e-mail address in the space provided on the activation page.
  5. Click on the “Submit” button.
  6. Review the details you have entered on the activation page when prompted.
  7. You there is any correction then click on the “Edit” button and make the changes accordingly.
  8. Continue the activation process by clicking on “Verify” button.
  9. McAfee setup gets activated in your system.


Activate McAfee setup by using McAfee User Console or Interface

You can also activate the McAfee setup by using McAfee user control by following the below mentioned step by step procedure:

  1. The first step is to launch the McAfee setup by clicking the “M” icon displayed on your desktop.
  2. On the McAfee, user interface goes to the “activation” section.
  3. Here you will have to enter the McAfee activation license code.
  4. After entering the McAfee activation license code click on “Submit” button.
  5. Click on the “Verify” button to finish the McAfee setup.

For more information: read more, mcafee.com/activate, Activate Mcafee

McAfee Antivirus – Using McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security Software to Protect Your PC from Threats

Remote Support for McAfee 24X7

In today’s age, when internet and web-presence have got tremendous things, an Internet security is necessary for the existing situation. Internet protection not only prevents your Desktop and other smart devices available from any likely viruses or malware but also retains system function stable by pushing down the possibility of Viruses attack. McAfee Antivirus software defends the individual, corporate or any network from Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Rootkit, Spyware, or any online threats and attacks. And, to assist you to stay in the best form of the digital world, we offer various packages of McAfee antivirus support through remote-assistance.

We are a team of the most skilled specialists in McAfee support who offer a smooth support to the customers, encouraging them to stay preserved 24X7. The specialist team works in a complete way and each of the members helps you in solving each and every installation, setup or activation of mcafee.com/activate related issues. Unlimited support and service is our goal and we have a team to proffer it to you in the best probable way.  Reach us from anywhere at any time whenever a problem in your system hinders you and we guarantee you, the difficulty will get fixed at our place only.

There are various benefits to select our team as your McAfee support and service provider for all the McAfee related issues. Some of the McAfee issues are listed below:

  • McAfee software’s pre-requirements for installation
  • Proper McAfee product selections, purchase, download online
  • McAfee Software setup, downloads, install or reinstall the McAfee Software activation www.mcafee.com/activate or activation key regarding problems
  • Security and firewall settings to defend you from internet scams
  • McAfee un-installation/reinstallation issues
  • McAfee virus definitions update issues or McAfee Version upgrade issues
  • Decreasing in the speed, performance, and durability of your device
  • Check for other antivirus software and remove it from your device
  • McAfee Antivirus related various error logs and window messages pop up issues

You may face any other issues than above and you need support for McAfee issues, at that time, never forget that we are here to help you!

Our team offers McAfee Antivirus support round the clock to support users obtaining their issues fixed or technical issues resolved within a short period of time. You can contact our specialists by dialing our McAfee Antivirus number or McAfee Support Email ID for getting all the McAfee software support including activation from www.mcafee.com/maa/retailcard.

Why Choose Us?

  • Establishes connection with you using Remote access software to serve you from our place only
  • 24X7X365 Days McAfee Support Available to troubleshoot and Fix all mcafee.com/retailcard related issues
  • Quality assistant in the elimination of virus and malware from your device
  • Support with an immediate update of new characteristic and the recent release
  • Gives services for system speed optimization to get quick computing

Our experts providing McAfee customer service are extremely skilled in fixing all sort of significant problems that happen all of the immediate in McAfee antivirus software.

We are an independent online service provider that builds a connection with users and offer remote support. So get all sorts of doubts or problems fixed in prompt time.  Though Intel security has own McAfee Antivirus Customer support and Service team for the ease of the users. But sometimes due to huge on-call waiting lines, McAfee antivirus users feel frustrated. To evade such sort of situations, Our McAfee Antivirus Support team is available via call, email or live chat.  Our team members are trained and give quality support to all the users who have McAfee set up installed on their Laptop, Mobile, Computer, Tablet etc.