How to Avoid an App Scam with McAfee Antivirus?

Today, many apps which collect the personal information of the user. But, there are some apps which are fake and collect some extra information and it results in cyber attack or scam. And to avoid these scams, the user must read the method to avoid an App Scam. For more protection, the user must install McAfee antivirus in their device through

Method To Avoid an App Scam with McAfee Antivirus:

  1. Understand the Risk: First, you have to believe that cyber threats are real and when you are downloading any app then a scam can anytime happen to you. So, for the security of your family the user must take some significant steps. Hence, you should be aware of the latest digital threats and protect your mobile with Mcafee antivirus.
  2. Do your Homework: The user must read the app reviews. If in case, an app is not good in any way, then they can come to know through the app review section. And also the user should do an online search of the app to view what consumers are saying about the app. The users can also check about the app through the BBB Scam Tracker. 
  3. Secure your Personal Data: You should teach your kids not to share their email ID, address, and other kind of personal information. Because, pop-up ads, trendy quizzes and some websites are designed to steal your personal info which hackers basically use this information in order to attack the customer.
  4. Maximize Security: In case, the user is using the cash apps, then they should turn on the additional security features like multi-factor authentication, to create a PIN, or they can use fingerprint recognition.
  5. Pay Attention to Permissions: When you install any app, then they ask to access to some features in your device, like your camera, phone and also your contacts. Sometimes, the request is legitimate; but sometimes they ask to gain access to your personal information. So, in this situation you should ask the question in return why this information is needed here.  
  6. Use McAfee Mobile Security program: Like computers, hackers can also infect your mobile devices with viruses and malware. So, you should protect your mobile devices by installing McAfee Mobile Security antivirus product, which provide safe browsing, scan the malicious apps and it also locate your device if it gets lost or stolen. 
  7. Connect with People you know: If you are using cash apps then you should only exchange the money with people you know. Because an insured bank and the P2P apps do not give back the money in case the user paid out mistakenly or they pay in a scam, so users are completely responsible for transferring the money.
  8. Check Details of Transfer: There are so many name variations, when you are selecting from a cash app’s directory, so you must select the correct recipient. The user should also check that your bank has registration of every P2P transaction.
  9. Use a VPN: If in case, you are using cash apps or you are downloading any apps, then you should avoid public Wi-Fi transfers. Because, through public Wi-Fi hackers can easily access your valuable personal information. If you are using public Wi-Fi, then you should use a verified and trusted Virtual Private Network (VPN).

By following this above method, the user can easily avoid an App Scam with McAfee antivirus. And for installing McAfee antivirus, user should visit to the official site of McAfee via

How you Can Be Stay Safe while Running Apps?

Today, digital techniques has made the fitness and running much more fun. But along with fun, you should always remember the importance of safety when you are running outside. You have to protect your digital footprint when you work out because attackers can easily track you through your social media posts, or app check-in with the intention to you harm. Hence, it is advised you should not share too much information on social media as this can put you in danger. McAfee teams want its users to stay safe while running. It is advised you should install McAfee antivirus in your device via as this protect your device from cyber threat like malware and viruses. The user can install this in all the devices like Smartphones, Computer, Laptop and Mac etc. In this blog, you will read how you can be stay safe while running.

Steps To Stay Safe While Running Apps: 

  • Running on Social Media: As you all know Social media is the best way to share your activities, motivate yourself and also inspire other people. But if you share so much information, then hackers can use your information against you. It is advised you should not announce your running routes or your time on social media. Otherwise, it will be a clear invitation to attacker and also do not geo-tag locations in photos as this will be dangerous because all of your followers came to know your exact location but if you want to geo-tag your location in photos then you should wait till you are done running.
  • Running with Fitness Apps: There are so many fitness apps and devices which motivate people. But while using these apps, the user should be aware of the surroundings in real time and also who is viewing your online activity. It is advised you should set the privacy setting in Fitness apps and devices like Apple watch because with this you can track your distance with your running friends but in case, you are not careful then might be you are sharing this information with unknown people. So, you must make sure to allow only friends in your app setting. Also, you should avoid sharing route in apps also. You must install McAfee via in your devices, as this will secure your device from virus.
  • Running with a Cell Phone: When you are running you should check that your phone is fully charged so that you can easily listen to music or use any app of your choice. This will also helpful, if incase, you need help then call an Uber; you can also put the emergency (ICE) info in your phone, or the user can use an app to set up this feature.
  • Running with Headphones: It is better to run without headphones if in case, you are alone. You should keep your earbud out. This will help you to hear everything what’s going around you. There are some headphones available in the market which cancels the surrounding noise, so that you can easily focus on what you are listening and do not pay attention to surroundings. If you wear headphones, then you will become the easy target for hackers as they can easily track you. Hence, you should be conscious while running.

For easy installation of McAfee antivirus in your device, you should navigate to |

How To Resolve Various McAfee Errors?

McAfee is the amazing product which safeguards your valuable data and device from unknown internet threat. This software can install via In this blog, you will read the method to fix various McAfee errors and their solution.

Method To Troubleshoot Various McAfee Error:

1. Fix “Download Cannot Continue – No Internet Connection”:

This error occurs sue to the network problem.

  1. If you find the download stops, then you should wait for few minutes. In this situation, you should again try to download it and then check the issue has been solved or not.
  2. Make sure you have high-speed Internet connection.
  3. You can go to the McAfee Consumer Support homepage and then run the Virtual Technician.
  4. You should click on the Download and Run option and then save the file as mvt.exe.
  5. After this, you should double-click on the file to run it.
  6. Now, you should give permissions to run MVT just by selecting the Yes option in the Windows User Account Control dialog box.
  7. MTV will scan your computer system in order to check if there any problem.
  8. Next, you should click on the Autofix option to let MTV to fix the issue.
  9. At last, you should remove any third party firewalls or any other security applications which is available on your computer system.

2. Fix “Unable To Continue Installation – Error 0”:

1. To fix the issue, you should install the security application again and then check if the issue persists or not.

2. You should try the installation process from a different browser.

3. It is advised you should change the DNS settings on your network card to a public server.

4. It is suggested you should visit to the manufacturer’s support page and visit to the virtual technician section.

5. For this, you should download and run the application.

6. Then, enable the Allow MVT to Run option and just wait till the MVR finishes scanning.

7. Now, you should select the Autofix option if the application detects the problem.

8. If the above method cannot solve the issue, visit to

3. Fix VirusScan stops scanning at 98% or 99% complete:

1. To solve the issue, you should open your McAfee software on your computer system and then tap on Navigation. After this, you should select General Settings and Alerts.

2. Now, you should open Access Protection and then disable Use Access Protection just by tapping on the checkbox.

3. Then, you should download the ModifyCntxtld.exe tool from the manufacturer’s site and then save it on your desktop.

4. At this point, you should right-click on the tool and then select Run as Administrator option.

5. Here, in the User Access Control prompt, you have to tap on Yes option.

6. After this, you should go back to the McAfee product’s home screen and then hit on Navigation.

7. Next, you should select General Settings & Alerts and then open the Access Protection tab.

8. Now, you should tap on the Use Access Protection checkbox and then select Apply.

9. At last, you need to restart your computer and then run a scan.

The above are some of the McAfee errors and their solutions. If the customer need more help, then they navigate to the official site of McAfee via

How To Configure Shredder Setting Parental Control and Privacy Setting in McAfee?

McAfee antivirus is the advanced security product which blocks the cyber threat immediately and gives you the alert notification before it harms your device. This product can install through In this blog, you will read the method to configure Shredder Setting, Parental Control and Privacy Setting in McAfee.

Configure Shredder Setting:

Shredder is the feature of McAfee which removes unwanted deleted files and also protects your privacy.

  1. To configure Shredder Setting, you have to right-click on the M icon which is next to the clock in the Windows Taskbar.
  2. After this, you should hit on Open McAfee Security Center. Then in the window, you should select Data Protection.
  3. At this point, you should choose the Shredder link just under the Data Protection option.
  4. Here in the next window, you should choose Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files or Let me choose just under Choose a folder to shared.
  5. Now under the Choose the shred type drop-down menu, you need to select the type of shred like Quick, Basic, Safe, Comprehensive, or Complete.
  6. Then, you have to click on Shred and then you should select the same in the next window.
  7. At last, you should click on Done and then the shredding procedure is complete.

Configure Parental Control App:

  1. First, you need to Power on your computer system and then open the McAfee product.
  2. After this, you should go to the Parental Controls tab and then hit on Parent Control.
  3. Now, you need to click on Set in the Administrator Password section.
  4. Here, you should type a new password and then set a hint for it.
  5. At this point, you should click on Next and then a confirmation dialog box will display on the screen.
  6. Then, you will start protection for specific child users.
  7. Next, you have to select the appropriate age range for the specified user.
  8. Keep in mind that each range comes with pre-configured settings.
  9. When you complete the setup, then tap on Done option.
  10. At last, you should click on Optional Settings in order to block a specified site which has inappropriate results. For more detail, hit on

Configure Privacy Setting:

  1. If your computer system has Internet 6.x, then launch it.  Here, the user can find Internet Options under the Tools menu.
  2. If the user is in the Internet web zone, then you should set the security level to medium or lower.
  3. At this point, you should Set to the Default level option for recommended settings.
  4. Here, you should Activate the ActiveX controls just under the Customer level. Now, you should confirm the Install McAfee Antivirus Software changes just by hitting on the OK option.
  5. Now, you should set the Privacy tab and then hit on Advanced.
  6. After this, you should check the Override Automatic cookie handling and also Always allow session are chosen. Then, tap on OK button.
  7. At last, you should exit Internet Explorer.

The above method helps to configure Shredder Setting, Parental Control app, and Privacy setting in McAfee. If the customer need help, then go to

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What are the Tips to Protect Your Internet Identity Safe from Hackers?

What are the Tips to Protect Your Internet Identity Safe from Hackers?

Internet has now becomes the essential part of your day to day life. Through the medium of internet, it’s very easy to book and purchase railways and flight ticket, you can make payments easily. You can operate your social media account and easily do online shopping. So, it is your headache to protect your internet identity from hackers as you are accessing your financial account through internet. McAfee team wants to aware their customer how they can keep their identity safe and secure from the hands of hackers. You can install this antivirus through This antivirus scans the whole data of your device to protect your device from malware and viruses. It also secures from emerging threat and stops the unauthorized access.

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Tips to Protect Your Identity Safe from Hackers:

  1. Never Click on Suspicious Link: It is strictly advised to the computer user that when you receive any email from the unknown sender, immediately never open that email. Because these emails contains links or attachment and when you click that link malicious software install in your computer. You can spot these Phishing emails if there is spelling mistakes and wrong grammar is used in this. Before sending emails, hackers see what you are interested in or what you post in your social media account. According to your interest they send you emails with links, never click on those emails.
  2. Never Reuse The Email Password: You should never reuse your email password. Because hackers are getting smarter, they can easily crack your email password and can take advantage of this. For example, if you purchase something online and use this password, hackers will be able to get your banking details or credit card details; hence because of this mistake your identity can be exposed so never reuse the email password.
  3. Use Strong Antivirus: Strong Anti-Virus will always protect your identity from hackers. If you install McAfee antivirus through in your device, then you will be totally protected against cyber attacks like malware, spyware, Trojans, and viruses etc. Because it timely scans your device and stop unauthorized access, hackers will not be able to steal your identity like username or password.
  4. Do not Accept Friend Request: If you get request any friend request on your social media account like Facebook Friend or LinkedIn etc then do not accept request. Because through social media account hackers can easily get your personal information.
  5. Shop From Safe Sites: If you are shopping online then make sure you shop from reputed site or the site must have the locked padlock symbol or https in your browser. “Https” in the URL indicates that the site is safe and secure.

For more details, you can visit to the official website of McAfee through For assistance, you can call the customer care executive on their toll free number.

How to Install McAfee Internet Security on Mac?

How to Install McAfee Internet Security on Mac?

McAfee Internet Security is the software which helps in the protection of your devices. It scans the entire data of your computer and has the advanced feature. McAfee Internet Security is very important for your Mac device as you can access the internet and do another important task. This gives complete security to your Mac device. It is easy and simple to install McAfee Internet Security via

 This protects your Mac device from all kind of threat that harms the data and device from internet. It is simple and light weight. It consumes very little space in your device and does not affect its performance. Through this your device works faster than before.

Pre-requisites for McAfee Internet Security:

  1. McAfee Internet Security is supported by Mac OS 10.12.
  2. Before installing McAfee, your device should be up to date.

Download McAfee Internet Security:

After checking Internet connection, now launch a search browser on your device. Now go to the site and press enter key. After this the web page will displayed on the screen, now enter the activation code in the given blank and submit it.  Click on the “Download Your Software “option. After this Sign in to your McAfee Account. Enter the details like Username and Password. Now click on Sign In option to access your McAfee Account. After this click on Apps tab and choose McAfee Internet Security. Accept all the terms and condition of the McAfee and click on Download option. After downloading, the serial number will appear on the screen. Save this number to activate McAfee Internet Security.

Install McAfee Internet Security:

To install McAfee Internet Security, first navigate to download McAfee Setup files, and now open them. Now double click on the McAfee Mac Installer dmg file. To start the installation, double click on the McAfee MacInstaller Icon. After this, you will be asked for the permission to run the installer. Once you have given the permission, enter the serial number. Follow all the instruction which appears on the screen to complete the installation process. At the end, restart your Mac Device. McAfee Internet Security is successfully installed in your Mac Device.

If you still not able to install McAfee Internet Security, then you must visit to the official website of McAfee via Or you may call on their toll free number of McAfee Antivirus.

McAfee Antivirus – Using McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security Software to Protect Your PC from Threats

Remote Support for McAfee 24X7

In today’s age, when internet and web-presence have got tremendous things, an Internet security is necessary for the existing situation. Internet protection not only prevents your Desktop and other smart devices available from any likely viruses or malware but also retains system function stable by pushing down the possibility of Viruses attack. McAfee Antivirus software defends the individual, corporate or any network from Viruses, Malware, Trojans, Rootkit, Spyware, or any online threats and attacks. And, to assist you to stay in the best form of the digital world, we offer various packages of McAfee antivirus support through remote-assistance.

We are a team of the most skilled specialists in McAfee support who offer a smooth support to the customers, encouraging them to stay preserved 24X7. The specialist team works in a complete way and each of the members helps you in solving each and every installation, setup or activation of related issues. Unlimited support and service is our goal and we have a team to proffer it to you in the best probable way.  Reach us from anywhere at any time whenever a problem in your system hinders you and we guarantee you, the difficulty will get fixed at our place only.

There are various benefits to select our team as your McAfee support and service provider for all the McAfee related issues. Some of the McAfee issues are listed below:

  • McAfee software’s pre-requirements for installation
  • Proper McAfee product selections, purchase, download online
  • McAfee Software setup, downloads, install or reinstall the McAfee Software activation or activation key regarding problems
  • Security and firewall settings to defend you from internet scams
  • McAfee un-installation/reinstallation issues
  • McAfee virus definitions update issues or McAfee Version upgrade issues
  • Decreasing in the speed, performance, and durability of your device
  • Check for other antivirus software and remove it from your device
  • McAfee Antivirus related various error logs and window messages pop up issues

You may face any other issues than above and you need support for McAfee issues, at that time, never forget that we are here to help you!

Our team offers McAfee Antivirus support round the clock to support users obtaining their issues fixed or technical issues resolved within a short period of time. You can contact our specialists by dialing our McAfee Antivirus number or McAfee Support Email ID for getting all the McAfee software support including activation from

Why Choose Us?

  • Establishes connection with you using Remote access software to serve you from our place only
  • 24X7X365 Days McAfee Support Available to troubleshoot and Fix all related issues
  • Quality assistant in the elimination of virus and malware from your device
  • Support with an immediate update of new characteristic and the recent release
  • Gives services for system speed optimization to get quick computing

Our experts providing McAfee customer service are extremely skilled in fixing all sort of significant problems that happen all of the immediate in McAfee antivirus software.

We are an independent online service provider that builds a connection with users and offer remote support. So get all sorts of doubts or problems fixed in prompt time.  Though Intel security has own McAfee Antivirus Customer support and Service team for the ease of the users. But sometimes due to huge on-call waiting lines, McAfee antivirus users feel frustrated. To evade such sort of situations, Our McAfee Antivirus Support team is available via call, email or live chat.  Our team members are trained and give quality support to all the users who have McAfee set up installed on their Laptop, Mobile, Computer, Tablet etc.