How You Can Get Rid Of McAfee Antivirus Pop Ups?

McAfee antivirus is the best security software which can install via This software gives great protection but sometimes customer feels quite irritating when they receive pop up messages or notification. So, in this article you will read the method to get rid of McAfee Antivirus pop ups.

Turn Off McAfee Antivirus Pop Ups:

1. Method to Turn Off McAfee pop-up (Alert messages):

For this, first you have to search the McAfee icon from a notification section. After this, you should double-tap the icon to open it. Now, you should click on the navigation link which is there in the right side of a McAfee window. Here, you should hit on general settings and alert which is provided under settings. Next, you should click on the information alerts and protection alerts categories. At last, you should choose which type of alert messages that you do not wanted to view on your computer screen.

2. Method to Get Rid of McAfee pop-up (Firewall prompts):

You should search McAfee firewall settings just by pressing on the home link which is provided on the right side of a McAfee window. Then from the home screen, you should click on the managed security. After this, you should tap on web and email. Here, you should click on protection and then tap on firewall. At this point, you should expand the smart advice and advanced settings category just to enable smart advice. At last, you should tap on “Decide automatically”. For detail, tap on

3. Turn off McAfee Notifications:

Disable Notification from McAfee Application:

You should open McAfee antivirus software. After this, you should tap on navigation option and then click on General setting and Alerts and then tap on information alert. Now, you should check in the information alert box and then from the list of the options select which type of notification that you don’t want. At this point, you should check the type of notification and then save the settings. Lastly, you have to Restart your system and then you won’t receive any notification.

Disable Notification from Google Chrome:

You should open Google chrome. Then, you have to open the main menu list just by visiting to the three-dot menu option. After this, you have to tap on the More tools option and then hit on Extension option. Here, you have to Turn off your administration and enterprise setting. With Advanced Setting, you should change your setting to their default way. Now, your notification from the internet related McAfee is disabled. At last, you should Restart the computer system to finish the process.

Disable Firewall:

First of all, you should open McAfee and then visit to Manage Security. After this, tap on “web and email protection”. Now, you should hit on Firewall. At this point, a firewall window will open up on your screen. Then, expand the “Smart Advice and Advance setting”. At last, you should check the enable smart advice box and just choose decide automatically option.

Through this way, the user can get rid of McAfee Antivirus Pop Ups. If the customer needs any sort of information, then visit to the site of McAfee via