How To Protect Your Babies First Footprints in this Digital Lives?

McAfee antivirus is the amazing security product which can install through and it secures your smart devices from viruses and malware. It also gives protection from phishing and ransomware attack. If you use digital devices for your child, then it is necessary that you protect those devices from cyber threat. Hence, in this blog you will read the method to protect your babies footprints online.

Method To Protect Your Babies Footprints Online:

  1. Before Buying Smart Device for Babies, Read the Reviews: As you all know that there are so many products which are designed for your baby. It is advised before you buy these smart devices for your baby, you should read the reviews and also speak with your health care provider. If incase, that device only tracks the baby’s breathing, heart rate and blood oxygen level then it’s ok but if you want the device to track Sudden Infant Death Syndrome then you have to consult to your health care provider.
  2. Check Storage Information Is Secured: When you’re Smart device, take the information through biometric data, you should check where that information is stored in the cloud by the device manufacturer or with the third parties. Who will keep that data or with whom they will share or if you can delete the data if it is necessary. As you all know that your baby’s biometrics personal info must be kept protected. It is suggested before purchasing the smart device, it is essential that you read the comments and reviews of that device from other customers.
  3. Secure Your Baby Wi-Fi Monitor: It is highly recommended baby Wi-Fi monitors come with default password, so hackers can easily scan the camera of your baby if you do not change the password. Hence, the user must change the default password to a strong and unique password; regularly update the device in order to increase performance, and also you can use multi-factor authentication for adding additional layer of security to your device.
  4. Protect Baby’s Identity From Theft: As you all know that baby’s are the first target of cyber criminals because government doesn’t run credit reports on children. So, if incase hackers steal Social Security Number of a child, then it will open the credit and accounts of the child. Hence, it is advised you should check the child’s credit regularly, freeze the child credit and also you should secure the child’s personal info like password, birth certificate etc. in a safe location.
  5. Register URL for Your Child: You should register a URL for your child on the website like Kiddo because personal URL gives your child another piece of digital identity.

Through this way, you can protect your babies first footprint in this digital lives. For the security of the smart devices of your child, you should install McAfee antivirus through  as it will secure your gadgets from viruses and malware.

What To Do After Healthcare Data Breach?

In case, you becomes the victim of identity thieves then you should immediately take below steps so that you do not suffer more loss. To secure your valuable information. In this article, you will read what you should do after healthcare data breach.

Steps to Take After Healthcare Data Breach:

1. Confirm the Breach That your Information was Exposed:

When the breach occurred, you should first confirm the breach. Because, if incase the user received an email which says that a data breach has occurred, then you should not believe it immediately because this is not enough. As it might be from scammers, who just want to get your personal information. So, it is recommended you should not respond to malicious emails. You should visit directly to the company’s website or you can also call the company in order to confirm the breach. It is suggested you should also check it out that individual information was compromised or not.

2. Check Which Type of Data was Stolen:

Secondly, you should check which type of data was stolen. Because, if your exposed data was your credit card information, then the victim can call the card issuer in order to cancel and replace the credit card. If incase, your Social Security number (SSN) and your other personally identifiable information (PII) was stolen, then it will be more risky. Because, this information helps the hacker to steal your identity and also they can use that data in other ways such as visit to the doctor.  In healthcare data breaches, hackers steal your information just to receive medical treatment free of cost and also other things which are covered by your insurance.

3. Change your Online Credentials:

When you came to know, that data breach has occurred then immediately you should change your online login information, passwords and also the security questions-and-answers of the breached accounts and other accounts that have similar login information and passwords. The user should also implement the two-factor authentication on their online accounts as it will add an additional layer of protection to their online accounts. The user can also take the help of password managers for creating strong passwords and storing all your passwords in it.

4. Take Additional Actions:

In case, your social security number was stolen and you becomes the victim of Identity thieves then you should take some additional actions to secure your medical records. You should go to your doctor’s office and ask for copies of your medical records just to check that your identity is not used by hackers. Also you should go to your health care providers and just ask them with whom they’ve shared your protected health information. You should also check your Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) just to check that thieves aren’t using your benefits. Most importantly, you should check your credit reports just to verify that thieves are not aren’t using your credit cards, racking up charges and also damaging your credit history.

These are some of the steps which you should take immediately after the Health Care Data Breach. Additionally, the user must install McAfee antivirus via in your device, just to secure yourself from phishing emails and other internet threats.

Protect your Organization from Top Online Threat with McAfee antivirus

Protect your Organization from Top Online Threat with McAfee antivirus:

Today Online Threat is constantly increasing, with the increased use of Internet. Now all the firms or organization depend upon the computers as Internet helps the user by providing them information in every field. And some of the software like MS Office increases the productivity of the firm. As all the work is now done on computers and their sensitive information like bank details, password etc. is feeded in their computers, so they need more security. So, for more security they need more protection. McAfee is the antivirus which gives security against all kind of online threat and it is very easy to install via It gives complete protection to the organization as this antivirus gives updates timely which come with more security patches and provide protection to your data.

Top Online Threats for Organization:

1.    Phishing Attack:

As you must have noticed that the most of the businesses which becomes the victim of Online attack are due to Phishing. Phishing attack is the hackers put malware and virus into the computer not only through emails but also through text messages, phone calls, and social media platforms and steal their confidential business data and create trouble for the organization and loss of fortune.

2.    Cloud Cyber Security Threat:

The cloud cyber security threat is data breaches, malicious insiders, account hijacking and DDOS attack. These attacks take control over the user’s information in the cloud. After taking information they can manipulate them or steal the sensitive information. As it erases the business process but it make easier for the hackers to attack in different ways.

3.    Shadow App:

Nowadays employees use shadow app in the workplace so that they can work efficiently with easy technology. But these apps cause threat to the cyber security of the organization and open the doors for the hackers to steal information.

4.    Cryptojacking:

Cryptojacking is the using of someone else computers to mine cryptocurrencies. This is the biggest threat to the organization because it crashes application and damages hardware.

5.    Ransomware:

Ransomware is one of the important tools of the attacker. Healthcare centers and infrastructural system becomes the victim of this attack. In they steal the information and in return they demand for money.

6.    Unsecured IoT devices;

IoT has made our life easier but it opens the doors for the cyber criminals. Those who buy these devices accept that the major risk in buying these devices is of the cyber crooks.

These are some of the major or top online threats, which put the barrier in the progress of the organization. So for the proper security of your devices and data install McAfee antivirus via

Is McAfee really helps in Protecting your Computer?

Is McAfee really helps in Protecting your Computer?

Sometimes, you must have noticed that your PC continuously hangs, the performance of your PC get slower, for downloading any app it takes too much time and the most important thing is that you have the suspicion that your valuable data is stolen by somebody this is called cyber threat. At this point, your device really needs the antivirus for the protection and maintenance of your device.  Because antivirus are designed in such a way that it protect your device from unwanted threat and damage. So, we recommend McAfee antivirus which is the most trusted brand among all antivirus and it is equipped with advanced features. You can install and activate this antivirus by just visiting to its official website i.e.

Why is best antivirus?

For the proper maintenance of your device, you must install McAfee antivirus in your PC because this antivirus has high class security features for your device and it gives protection when you are not nearby your computer or you are offline.

Its advanced security features are it scans the data and files which are loaded in your PC. It gives protection from malware and does not allow any kind of virus to come into your PC, as we know that phishing attack comes with the malware which is very dangerous for your device. McAfee antivirus always has new techniques to protect your device from hackers. It has a firewall feature which built the wall between the unwanted attacks when you are online and your device. For the Android Phones it has the camera trap and anti-theft website, if your mobile phone gets misplaced or stolen by the theft, then its camera trap feature helps in taking the photo of the theft. By this way, you can easily identify the theft. Through its Web cam protection feature, hackers will not be able to identify where your device is located, so they can’t access your proper location.  This antivirus is compatible for all the devices.

 This antivirus provides great technical support which you will get through  They will also give assistance for installing this antivirus properly in your device. You can contact them at any time on their toll free number for help and support.

You can purchase this antivirus from the retail shop as well as online. This antivirus comes with the product key which contains 25 digit alphanumeric key code. This product key code will be on the retail card or on your registered email ID.

Why you need antivirus for your PC?

As with the increased rate of cyber attacks, and for the protection of your important data like username, password, bank details, and other credit card credentials from hackers you must install in your device. And also McAfee antivirus gives regular updates and updates comes with more security patches. This helps in complete protection of your device.

For more details, you can take assistance from the customer care team of McAfee via Www.Mcafee.Com/Retailcard.