How To Enable Different Settings in McAfee Antivirus?

McAfee antivirus is the amazing software which has advanced features for the protection of your devices like Window, Mac, Computer, Laptop and Android Phone. This security product can install and activate via In this blog, you will read the method to enable different settings in McAfee antivirus. 

Method To Enable Different Settings in McAfee Antivirus:

1. Enable Complete Protection In McAfee:

First, you have to power on the computer and then open the McAfee software in your computer system. After this, you need to select Web and Email Protection or the gear icon. Now, you need to tap on the Firewall menu. At last, you should push the slider to the right in order to turn on Complete Protection.

2. Enable McAfee Firewall Setting:

First of all, you need to locate the McAfee Security icon and then select it. After this, you should look for the McAfee Internet Security Preferences option in the window and then select it. Now, you should tap on the Firewall icon in order to enable it. At last, you can modify the other options and then close the window.

3. Enable Safe Connect on Browser:

You should download and install the McAfee Safe Connect application through in your device. Keep in mind that Safe Connect gives you a free trial version. If you want to extend the services, then subscribe to its monthly or annual plan. After this, you should create your account so that you can use the application on multiple devices. Here, you can connect five devices to the Safe Connect. Now, you have to log in to your McAfee account and then locate the menu bar. At this point, you should tap on the Settings option from the menu. Lastly, you should Turn on the Automatically turn McAfee Safe Connect option in order to enable the application on your browser.

4. Configure Shredder Settings in McAfee:

You need to right-click on the M icon which is present next to the clock in the Windows Taskbar. Now, you have to tap on Open McAfee Security Center. Then in the window, you should select Data Protection. After this, you should choose the Shredder link which is under the Data Protection option. Here in the next window, you should choose Recycle Bin, Temporary Internet Files or Let me choose under Choose a folder to shared. Now under the Choose the shred type drop-down menu, you should select the type of shred like Quick, Basic, Safe, Comprehensive, or Complete. At this point, you should tap on Shred and then choose the same in the next window. At last, you need to tap on Done and the process of shredding is finished.

5. Configure Parental Setting in McAfee:

You should power on your computer and then open McAfee product. After this, you should go to the Parental Controls tab and then tap on Parent Control. Now, you should tap on Set in the Administrator Password section. Then, you have to type a new password and then set a hint for it. Here, you should click on Next and then a confirmation dialog box will display on your computer screen. At this point, you should start protection for specific child users. After this, you should choose the age range for the specified user. Keep in mind that each range comes with pre-configured settings. When you complete the setup, then click on Done. Remember, you can also tap on Optional Settings in order to block a specified site which has inappropriate results.

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