How to Fix McAfee Total Protection Error While Installing Updates Mac?

McAfee is the famous antivirus protection software which gives amazing features like scanning the data, protection from virus and malware etc. And the user can easily install in their device via Sometimes, when there are automatic and manual updates of Mac then in some cases, error occurred. In this blog, you will read the method to fix McAfee Total Protection Error While Installing Updates Mac.

 Method To Fix McAfee Total Protection Error While Installing Updates Mac:

1. Authorize Kernel Extension in Web Security for Mac App:

For this, first you have to tap on the Apple menu which is located at the top left side of your computer. After this, you should tap on the System Preferences. Then, you should tap on Security & Privacy option. Here, you will view a message which says: System software from developer “McAfee, Inc” was blocked from loading. At the end, you should tap on Allow enabling the extension.

2. Modification in the Firewall Settings:

Third-party firewall apps:

First, you should check that if there are any firewall apps running in your device. The user can view the installed apps in the Applications folder. In case, if the Firewall app is running, then just ensure that the web Security for Mac is allowed and not blocked. At last, save all your changes.

McAfee Firewall:

You should check if the firewall apps are running. The user can view their installed apps in the Applications folder. If you find the Firewall app is running, then make sure that Internet Security for Mac is allowed, and it is not blocked. Then, you should Save your changes.

For this, you should tap on the McAfee menu on the menu bar. Then, you should choose McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security Console. Now, you should tap on Mac Security and hit on the Firewall. At this point, you should tap on the lock to make changes and then just type your password. Here, you should change the Type from Public to Home or Work. After this, you should tap on the lock again in order to save your changes.

After you made the change, then you should update your firewall settings.

3. Clear your Cookies and Cache in Safari:

For this, first you should Open Safari. Then, you should tap on Safari, Preferences. Now, you should tap on the Privacy. Then, you need to hit on Manage web site information. At this point, you should tap on Remove All option. Now, the user should tap on remove currently and then hit on done. At last, you should Restart your Mac device.

After restarting your Mac, you should update once more.

4: Install Web Security for Mac:

The user should follow the steps in TS100342 which tell you the way to transfer and install McAfee client product. When the install is complete, restart your mac and update it.

The above method will help you to fix McAfee total protection error while installing updates Mac. For more information, visit to McAfee site via

How you Can Be Stay Safe while Running Apps?

Today, digital techniques has made the fitness and running much more fun. But along with fun, you should always remember the importance of safety when you are running outside. You have to protect your digital footprint when you work out because attackers can easily track you through your social media posts, or app check-in with the intention to you harm. Hence, it is advised you should not share too much information on social media as this can put you in danger. McAfee teams want its users to stay safe while running. It is advised you should install McAfee antivirus in your device via as this protect your device from cyber threat like malware and viruses. The user can install this in all the devices like Smartphones, Computer, Laptop and Mac etc. In this blog, you will read how you can be stay safe while running.

Steps To Stay Safe While Running Apps: 

  • Running on Social Media: As you all know Social media is the best way to share your activities, motivate yourself and also inspire other people. But if you share so much information, then hackers can use your information against you. It is advised you should not announce your running routes or your time on social media. Otherwise, it will be a clear invitation to attacker and also do not geo-tag locations in photos as this will be dangerous because all of your followers came to know your exact location but if you want to geo-tag your location in photos then you should wait till you are done running.
  • Running with Fitness Apps: There are so many fitness apps and devices which motivate people. But while using these apps, the user should be aware of the surroundings in real time and also who is viewing your online activity. It is advised you should set the privacy setting in Fitness apps and devices like Apple watch because with this you can track your distance with your running friends but in case, you are not careful then might be you are sharing this information with unknown people. So, you must make sure to allow only friends in your app setting. Also, you should avoid sharing route in apps also. You must install McAfee via in your devices, as this will secure your device from virus.
  • Running with a Cell Phone: When you are running you should check that your phone is fully charged so that you can easily listen to music or use any app of your choice. This will also helpful, if incase, you need help then call an Uber; you can also put the emergency (ICE) info in your phone, or the user can use an app to set up this feature.
  • Running with Headphones: It is better to run without headphones if in case, you are alone. You should keep your earbud out. This will help you to hear everything what’s going around you. There are some headphones available in the market which cancels the surrounding noise, so that you can easily focus on what you are listening and do not pay attention to surroundings. If you wear headphones, then you will become the easy target for hackers as they can easily track you. Hence, you should be conscious while running.

For easy installation of McAfee antivirus in your device, you should navigate to |

Best Security for your Business by McAfee Total Protection

Best Security for your Business by McAfee Total Protection:

McAfee antivirus is the software which provides best security for your business. It protect from all kind of threat which is harmful for your internet connected gadget. You can install through It has many products for protection like McAfee Live Safe, McAfee Antivirus, McAfee Internet Security and McAfee Total Protection.  McAfee antivirus has the feature of fast scanning, so it scans the entire data of your PC and makes it faster and improves its performance. It is reliable and compatible for your entire internet connected device. It gives high class security from malware, spyware, ransomware, phishing and all kind of cyber crimes.

McAfee Total Protection is the top and high class product of McAfee antivirus software for every businessman as it gives full protection against all cyber threat, so that you can do your business without any fear of hackers who steal your important and valuable data from your PC. It also gives protection when you are not nearby your PC or if you are offline.

Features of McAfee Total Protection:

The important feature of McAfee Total Protection are it detect the threat like Spyware, malware, ransomware and also the useless program which are running  in your PC. It gives the alert sign if it found any kind of danger from websites or spam email. When you are opening any link, it provides you the search rating of that link.  It protects your file and saves in the safe place of your PC. You can also manage your password setting. Its feature of Multi-Access, you can connect multi devices. In fact it can protect 10 devices at a time. If your system has the endpoint threat, it can protect you by McAfee Endpoint Protection Feature.

Requirements of McAfee Total Protection:

If you want to install McAfee Total Protection in your PC then in the required operating system you should have Window OS, Google Android, Mac OS, and Apple Ios. And in the required browser you should have Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari for android and Ios. You must have 2 GB RAM memory, 500 MB free drive space, and 1GHz processor. You must have the high speed internet connection.

How to get McAfee Promo Code?

For this, first of all decide the McAfee product via  which you want to purchase. In the next step, visit to the coupon pay website and click on the “View Detail” button. When you click on it, a new page will display. Here you will see the McAfee product which is there in your computer and click on the Save option. Now with your email ID and password, you can login your McAfee account. But if you don’t have the McAfee account then create your new account by the “Create your Account” option. Now after login in your account fill your billing details. Select now, the payment method. At this point, reconsider your McAfee order and you will get the discount for the product.

If you want to know more about McAfee Total Protection then just go to the McAfee site  Or if you want any help and support then just visit to the official site of McAfee i.e.