If McAfee Uninstall Stuck! How to Fix it?

McAfee antivirus software is the best security product available for the protection of the user’s device and important data. It can install easily via www.mcafee.com/activate. This software is best for all the gadgets such as Laptop, Mac, Computer, and Android Phones. It provides cloud storage facility to its users so that the customer can easily take the back of their valuable data and access it anytime and anywhere. It regularly gives updates so that the user fights with the latest cyber threat. But sometimes customers encounter issues like McAfee Uninstall Stuck. This error occurs due to malware infections and corrupt system files. In this blog post, the user will read the reasons and solution of the issue if McAfee Uninstall Stuck.

Method to Fix If McAfee Uninstall Stuck:

Reasons of This Issue:

This issue occurs because the manufacturers of McAfee made it difficult for the user to uninstall the programs this is due to the user cannot remove the application, sometimes antivirus programs access all the internal files and spread it all over the system, and also if computer has been corrupted by malware.

Solutions to Fix If McAfee Uninstall Stuck:

Solution 1:

First, you should go to the control panel from the start menu. After this, go to the option of programs and features. Here, you will view a list of all the removable programs which is downloaded in your system. Now, you will find the McAfee application and then hit on uninstall option. At this point, you should select the option in order to remove all the existing files. Next, you should ensure that the web advisor app gets uninstalled along with the antivirus. At last, you should check if the program is completely removed or not.

Solution 2:

Sometimes, the third party removal app which freeze the uninstallation process. As you all know that there are many removal programs which get downloaded from any Android or iOS app store. When the application gets installed completely, then you have to read the license agreement and here you have to agree to it. At this point, you have to select the antivirus program which stuck and you wanted to remove. Here, you have to enter the verification code for the product. At last, through tool you can properly remove it.  For help related to McAfee antivirus, you need to tap on mcafee.com/activate.

Solution 3:

If the above solution did not work, then might be this issue McAfee uninstall stuck occurs due to system corrupted by malware. In case, uninstallation process occurs after reaching more than 50 %, then you should close all the services which is running in the background. At last, you should reboot your computer system and then just run a complete scan for viruses of your device.

The above method will help you to fix if McAfee Uninstall Stuck issue. If the customer requires more information for fixing the issue, then you should visit to the official site of McAfee antivirus software through www.mcafee.com/activate.

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