How to fix McAfee Installation Error 12002

It has become very important for you to secure your computers from external threats and virus attacks. Once a virus enters your system it could create various problems. To avoid these threats and viruses you just have to install McAfee Total Protection on all your systems. For doing this you just need to visit and you will be able to download, install and activate McAfee Total Protection in your system. McAfee Total Protection suit has the ability to protect and secure your multiple devices from external threats and virus attacks. There is a chance that you might face a common installation error 12002 while installing McAfee Total Protection in your system. When this error appears, it crashes the active program window. Your PC will frequently crash which is not healthy for your computer system. Your system might freeze at a time because of this error. Following are the causes of the McAfee Installation Error 12002:

  1. Incomplete installation or corrupt download can interrupt the installation process.
  2. Your system drivers might not be compatible with the software.
  3. Sometimes a malware infection corrupts the Windows system files.
  4. Another program may have deleted the files related to McAfee.
  5. Fault in system settings.

All the above mentioned causes can lead to McAfee Installation error 12002 and affect the productivity your system.

You can fix this error by repairing the registry entries related to Error 12002. Following are the steps to resolve this error:

  1. Click on the start button of your system, type “Command” in the search bar and press enter.
  2. Open the command prompt to edit the registry.
  3. Press Control + Shift key and hold them. Now press the enter button while holding the Control + Shift key using your keyboard.
  4. Type “regedit” in the command prompt and press enter.
  5. After the registry editor is open select the key associated with the Error 12002 for the backup.
  6. Click on File and select Export.
  7. Select the folder to save the backup key.
  8. Type the name in the File Name box for your backup and then select the selected branch in the Export Range box.
  9. Select the .reg extension and click on save button to save the backup file.

Delete the Temp Files:

  1. Click on the start button of your system and type “Run” in the search bar and press enter. Or press Windows + R key simultaneously to open the Run dialog box.
  2. Type %Temp% in the search box and press enter.
  3. Right click on the Temp folder and then click on “Delete”.
  4. Click on “Yes” to confirm the deletion of Temp folder from your system.
  5. Once the removal is finished restart your system in order to save the changes you have made.

Delete Temp files using Disk cleanup:

  1. Click on the start button of your system.
  2. Type command in the search and then press enter while holding the Ctrl + Shift.
  3. Type “cleanmgr” in the command prompt and press enter to initiate the disk cleanup.
  4. Disk cleanup will calculate how much space is occupied by temp files.
  5. Select the folder you want to remove and then click OK to delete the folder.

If you are still unable to fix the issue even after following the mentioned solutions then just visit for further assistance and support.

Guide to using McAfee Parental Control –

McAfee is one of the most used antivirus software throughout the globe. With all the best features to save your systems from external threats and viruses McAfee antivirus also offers you Parental Control feature in its security tools. With the help of Parental control feature, you can set the limit of internet access for your kids. This means by simply using this feature you can set the internet usage limit as well as the websites your kids can visit. Now you can secure your kid’s online activity by using McAfee Parental Control feature.

Following are the features of McAfee Parental Control:

  1. Secure Browsing: This feature helps your kid to access the secure content. It will keep your kid away from inappropriate content.
  2. Password Protection: You can use McAfee Parental Control features with a protected password so that no other person can change or modify your initial settings.
  3. Filter List: By using McAfee Parental Control filter list feature you can block any particular website that you think is not appropriate for your kids.
  4. Age appropriate website filter: This feature allows you to change or review the content which is accessible to your kids. With this feature, you can make sure that your kids are accessible to only age appropriate websites and content.

McAfee Parental Control feature plays a vital role in protecting the digital world of your kids from all kinds of external threats and viruses. This feature also allows you to view your kid’s online activities, get the access to your kid’s current location and checked in places.

You have to make sure that each user has an individual windows account before proceeding with the parental control setup. First you have to setup administrator password so that no other person can change or modify your initial settings. To setup the administrator password just follow the below mentioned step by step instructions:

  1. Open your McAfee product
  2. Click on the “Parental Control” button
  3. Click on the Parental Control link
  4. Once you have clicked on the link then you will be redirected to Administrator Password Section. Click on “Set” button
  5. Set a secure password and confirm it by typing it again
  6. Enter a hint for your password in Enter Password Hint section
  7. Click on “Next
  8. Click “OK” to confirm the changes you have made

Your Administrator Password has been set and now you can setup Parental Control for individual users. To setup McAfee Parental Control for individual users just follow the below mentioned step by step instructions:

  1. Click on “Protect” button which will be visible in front of the account you want to modify
  2. Select the age range for the particular user account. (Each range filter are pre-configured to help the user block particular type of websites)
  3. To implement secure browsing for your user account click on the “Optional Settings
  4. Now you can select allow or block for any website which will further add these websites to the white or blacklist as per the your selection
  5. Now click on “Online Schedule” to enter the time duration within which the particular user can access the internet
  6. Select ‘I want to choose when my child can go online’
  7. Two colours will be visible White and Green. White indicates the time duration within which the internet access is denied on the other hand the green colour indicates the time duration within which the user have the access of internet.

If any user tries to access the internet during the prohibited period that you have selected in the white portion, the McAfee antivirus software will notify the particular user that they don’t have the access to the internet. If you are facing any difficulties or challenges in following the above mentioned steps for generating Administrators Password and setting up Parental Control just visit for further assistance and support.

Know more about Mcafee Antivirus visit:

McAfee Error Code 1603: Reasons and Resolutions

McAfee Error Code 1603 causes when you are performing any technical problems while downloading, activating or installing the McAfee antivirus security software. This Error Code 1603 can happen on your device or operating system because of an inadequate installation of McAfee Setup, which can cover the way for the destruction of the working of your device.

Hence, there it has become the requirement to sort out this problem with the steps discussed here. Along with this, we will also offer the main reasons which are the main responsible for the appearance of this technical glitches of Error code 1603. Furthermore, we will also consider the problems and the difficulties when McAfee Error Code 1603 rises to your device.

Possible Reasons for McAfee Error Code 1603

Inadequate Installation Process: When the installation of McAfee antivirus software is not performed on your device, then it can be the cause of this problem.

Defective Windows Registry: A corrupted and destroyed Windows registry of any Operating system can destruct your device’s file which can be the cause of this error.

Any type of viruses present on the device: The dangerous malware such as Virus, Trojans, Rootkit, Trojans, spyware, or any adware can create error code 1603.

Files Remove: Some of files and folders even unknowingly can generate these issues.

Corrupt Downloads: The operating system may generate such error code 1603 when you download any damaged files or data on your device.

Signs of McAfee Error Code 1603

  • Windows screen of your device hand continually
  • Some of the system applications are not working properly
  • Damage the working of your device
  • Often showing the technical error on your device screen
  • The working of your device decrease suddenly
  • The device cannot access in an appropriate way

Procedure to Resolve McAfee Error Code 1603

  • Fix the Windows registry records associated with McAfee Error Code 1603
  • Uninstall/reinstall the McAfee Software again
  • A full or real-time scan of the device to detect the virus or malware
  • Update your device drivers online to eliminate compatibility issues
  • Proper remove your junks or temporary data using Disk Clean up
  • Analyze all the files using windows system file checker
  • Undo all the latest device modifications
  • After it installs updates and performs a clean installation
  • Clean the installation after every update installs

If any of this can’t help, call or email your issues to McAfee support team. Or for basic information chat with them on their website

Being one of the security support providers, we are well-known amongst the customers for allowing honest and reliable McAfee Antivirus Support. McAfee Antivirus technical support team is popularly wanted amongst the customers for their loyalty. Also, they ensure our customers to provide the best ever resolution in the short conceivable period. Now, do not wait for anything, just contact McAfee Antivirus Support team they will help you.

Top 5 solutions to the McAfee Real Time Scanning Issue

McAfee gives the best security from Viruses, malware, spyware, Rootkit, or any type of cyber threats that can affect the devices or systems and can destroy the data and information. McAfee is the best kind of security software which enables you to work with Internet freely and attach any devices without worry.

McAfee usually runs without any problems and user can simply get it on their device from But sometime the issues may happen and some of the errors are like Installation, Download, Activation, Product Key Redeem, Upgrading, Updating, or Re-installation, full scan, Real-time scanning or any other problems. Any of the McAfee issues working on your device are solved via remote access process which is an online system to fix the user issues. McAfee support and services are available by McAfee producer and you can avail it using the phone call, chat or Email.

The specialists available in McAfee support team are well trained and experienced in managing the problems of McAfee and they are ready 24×7 to support you to solve any of the issues. Top 5 resolutions techniques have been shown by the specialists to resolve the McAfee related issues and if any problems encountered or not able to perform the steps then you can contact McAfee support team.

Solution 1: ensure that the Real-Time Scanning is working in Security Center

You can analyze it by following the simple steps:

First of all, open the McAfee Antivirus software and them go to the navigation window and open Real-Time Scanning link. Now click on the Turn-on button and close the McAfee Software.

Solution 2: Using McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) Antivirus Software

McAfee Virtual Technician (MVT) is a diagnostic tool which can detect and fix many of the most well-known problems with McAfee software. When you scan your device, you will be granted the capability to automatically fix any found problems. So all the common issues are solved by MVT and you don’t have to worry about it.

Solution 3: Allow the oas-disabled-fix.cmd utility

To do this, firstly user needs to download this utility and then save it. Run the oas-disabled-fix.cmd utility by double-clicking on it. And then once run the oas-disabled-fix utility again. Reboot your device and make sure that dashboard displays that Real-Time Scanning is allowed.

Solution 4: Uninstall/Re-install the McAfee Security Software

If above 3 methods are not working then you have to uninstall the McAfee Software from the control panel and then again download it online and activate from and run it again. The issues are defiantly solved.

Solution 5: Contact the McAfee Support team

If users already did the above procedures and yet suffering the same issues then it is necessary to get the assistance of professionals who are ready to help you with McAfee Support center. There is a toll-free number to offer free support to you and if your product isn’t under warranty then you can go for paid support at

McAfee LiveSafe: Guideline on How to Download and Setup Software?

McAfee antivirus has been developed and launched by Intel Security Corporation. McAfee software has only one goal of defending all devices like Computer, Mobile, Laptop, and Smartphone devices from a variety of the viruses, malware, spyware, Rootkit, Trojans, and another risky thing. At the same time, these all devices get an influence from the outside devices or surfing web or downloaded attachments. But the only one McAfee antivirus is one of the greatest safety software which gives the various characteristics and products to eliminate the virus fully.

McAfee software is very effective for everyone who can download and setup it on their devices from online or using a CD drives. There are enormous differences in the technology and Internet that take an innovative in defending the device from questioning software like Spyware, Rootkit, malware, Trojan, and adware file available on the internet. To eliminate these bugs you needed to install McAfee antivirus software on your device.

Why McAfee LiveSafe software?

McAfee has different products for each of the users as per their need and demand for products to save you time and limit trouble when surfing or downloading. We required learning a little more about one of their customer products, McAfee LiveSafe, which covers data security, reliable cloud room, antivirus, and security as well as a login data security for all of your internet or network connected devices.

McAfee Download and Setup Guidelines

• You can Download McAfee LiveSafe online from official website or buy a CD drive. Once the McAfee LiveSafe software is bought using either a debit/credit card, PayPal or any other options for payment, you can enter your 25 letters long product key to download the software and then you can read all the download and installation directions to follow in the confirmation email.
• Installation of the McAfee LiveSafe software from is simple. McAfee provides a helpful installation direction that gives you specifically what you require to do. The only thought that was expected was when you get to choose between a comprehensive install and custom install. If you really want to know what precisely you perceive, you can pick custom install. This shows up a list of services that you can click on to know about in further detail, and then choose whether or not you require to cover points in your installation.
• Then Reboot your device to complete the Download and setup process.
• McAfee LiveSafe gives security to each device you have, so the first decision was to include further devices. McAfee has a simple system that enables you to download McAfee LiveSafe setup from McAfee com Activate on the extra device simply by opening an email they mail on the device you require to include.
• Computer version has a control panel that allows you control all of your safety settings. You can also schedule your system scanning as per your need.

If you’ve ever created an online shopping or produced any sort of account online, you’ve seemingly queried just how secure all of your personal and sensitive data is that you’ve entered to different websites online using the internet. McAfee LiveSafe benefits put your mind at peace by preserving all of your devices with the best security software. You can securely buy online, sign in to your various accounts, surf various webs, or send/receive an email from your device with the calm of mind understanding that McAfee LiveSafe has your back and is holding your sensitive information. Additionally, LiveSafe gives a number of great security features for your mobile phones also like remote lock and wipe, locate your device if it’s missed or taken, and auto backup your phone.