How You Can Uninstall McAfee If The Removal Tool Is Not Working?

Sometimes, the customer wants to uninstall McAfee antivirus for some reason but they cannot install because the removal tool is not working. In this blog, the customer will read the method to uninstall McAfee if the Removal Tool is not working. For info, go to

Method To Uninstall McAfee without Uninstaller:

1. Uninstall McAfee through Normal Procedure:

To uninstall McAfee, first you should remove McAfee LiveSafe / Internet Security and McAfee WebAdvisor from your Computer system. Secondly, you should remove an extension for the browser through which you can know the reputation of the websites which you visit. Now, you should write Control in Windows Search and then tap on Control Panel from the search results. Here, you should tap on the Uninstall a program option in the window which opens up on your screen. At this point, you should choose the icon of McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Internet Security, or other antivirus version which you have installed in your PC. Then, you should press the Uninstall / Change button which is located just under the application icon on Windows 10 or there at the top on Windows 7 and Windows 8.x. Here in the window which opens up on your screen, you should tap on Yes button. After this, you should put the checkmark just next to the entries of McAfee LiveSafe or McAfee Internet Security and then just Remove all files of this program. At last, you should tap on the Remove, Close and No, thanks button in order to finish the procedure of removing McAfee.

2. Uninstall McAfee by Using Removal Tool:

For this, first the user should download the McAfee Removal Tool. If the download is finish, then you should double-tap on the downloaded file. And then tap on Yes button and then hit on Next option. Here, you should accept the conditions of use. At this point, you should finish the process of removing McAfee Antivirus just by tapping on Next option and then write the verification code which displays on your desktop screen and then tap on Next button. Next, you should wait for few minutes so that all the components of McAfee gets detected and removed from your Computer. At the end, you should tap on the Close and Restart buttons in order to restart the PC.

 3. Uninstall McAfee apps from Smartphone and Tablets:

In order to uninstall McAfee app from Smartphone, the customer should first choose the icon of the app from the drawer. After this, you should keep your finger press on the icon for few seconds and then drag the icon into the trashcan icon which displays on your screen. Here, you should choose OK button if warning displays on your screen.

The user can use another method to uninstall McAfee. For this, you should visit to the Settings menu and then touch the Android app. Now, you should choose the McAfee antivirus and then tap on Uninstall button which is there on the screen. Remember, the current versions of McAfee antivirus software, has apps for Smartphone’s and tablets.

For more help related to McAfee antivirus, you should visit to McAfee site via