How To Resolve McAfee Error Code 9?

McAfee antivirus product is the wonderful software which gives full security to your device from cyber threat like malware, viruses, Trojans, rootkits, ransomware and also from phishing attack. This security product can activate through This product is perfect for all the gadgets such as Mac, Computer, laptop, and Android Phones. It monitors the network traffic and timely scans the data for harmful infections. But sometimes the user faces the issue like McAfee Error Code 9. And this error occurs while installing the McAfee Antivirus product. To fix the issue, the user can run the pre-install tool or run the McAfee Virtual technician. In this article, the customer will learn the method to resolve McAfee Error Code 9.

Method To Resolve McAfee Error Code 9:

Method 1: Run the Pre-install Tool:

For this, first you have to open the computer system and then just download the preinstall tool. After this, you need to check on the pre-install tool.exe file. Here, you need to follow the on screen directions which are displayed on your computer screen. Next, you will get a warning message. Now, you should tap on Ok button in order to make the necessary changes. When you complete the process, you have to tap on Ok button. Then, you have to hit on the close option. At last, you need to Restart your computer system and then again try to install the McAfee product in your device. If the user needs any sort of help, then you have to navigate to the site through

Method 2: Run the McAfee Virtual Technician:

First of all, you have to open your computer system and then navigate to the start button. After this, you have to visit to the McAfee consumer support page and then just click on the McAfee virtual technician. Now, you have to hit on the download option. Then, you need to run the tool. At this point, you will view a prompt box on your computer screen. Here, you need to save the mvt.exe file to your computer system. Next, you need to Run the mvt. Then, you will view windows user control box displays on your computer screen. You should tap on Yes option in order to run the mvt. After this, you have to wait for some time for the mvt to install and update. You should scan your device with the McAfee antivirus product for issues. Thereafter, you need to select the auto-fix option for any issues. Lastly, you have to close the mvt.

Method 3: Again Download the Installation Package:

At this point, you have to use a different web browser if you want to download the McAfee windows security product. Now, again you have to retry the installation process.

Through this way, the user can easily fix the McAfee Error Code 9. But if the customer need more details about the McAfee antivirus product, then you have to go to the official website of McAfee antivirus via  

How To Resolve Various McAfee Errors?

McAfee is the amazing product which safeguards your valuable data and device from unknown internet threat. This software can install via In this blog, you will read the method to fix various McAfee errors and their solution.

Method To Troubleshoot Various McAfee Error:

1. Fix “Download Cannot Continue – No Internet Connection”:

This error occurs sue to the network problem.

  1. If you find the download stops, then you should wait for few minutes. In this situation, you should again try to download it and then check the issue has been solved or not.
  2. Make sure you have high-speed Internet connection.
  3. You can go to the McAfee Consumer Support homepage and then run the Virtual Technician.
  4. You should click on the Download and Run option and then save the file as mvt.exe.
  5. After this, you should double-click on the file to run it.
  6. Now, you should give permissions to run MVT just by selecting the Yes option in the Windows User Account Control dialog box.
  7. MTV will scan your computer system in order to check if there any problem.
  8. Next, you should click on the Autofix option to let MTV to fix the issue.
  9. At last, you should remove any third party firewalls or any other security applications which is available on your computer system.

2. Fix “Unable To Continue Installation – Error 0”:

1. To fix the issue, you should install the security application again and then check if the issue persists or not.

2. You should try the installation process from a different browser.

3. It is advised you should change the DNS settings on your network card to a public server.

4. It is suggested you should visit to the manufacturer’s support page and visit to the virtual technician section.

5. For this, you should download and run the application.

6. Then, enable the Allow MVT to Run option and just wait till the MVR finishes scanning.

7. Now, you should select the Autofix option if the application detects the problem.

8. If the above method cannot solve the issue, visit to

3. Fix VirusScan stops scanning at 98% or 99% complete:

1. To solve the issue, you should open your McAfee software on your computer system and then tap on Navigation. After this, you should select General Settings and Alerts.

2. Now, you should open Access Protection and then disable Use Access Protection just by tapping on the checkbox.

3. Then, you should download the ModifyCntxtld.exe tool from the manufacturer’s site and then save it on your desktop.

4. At this point, you should right-click on the tool and then select Run as Administrator option.

5. Here, in the User Access Control prompt, you have to tap on Yes option.

6. After this, you should go back to the McAfee product’s home screen and then hit on Navigation.

7. Next, you should select General Settings & Alerts and then open the Access Protection tab.

8. Now, you should tap on the Use Access Protection checkbox and then select Apply.

9. At last, you need to restart your computer and then run a scan.

The above are some of the McAfee errors and their solutions. If the customer need more help, then they navigate to the official site of McAfee via

How to Resolve McAfee Error Code 43?

McAfee is the popular security product which secures your gadget from unwanted malicious apps and software’s. And it can install via But some users faces McAfee error code 43 so in this blog you will read the method to fix McAfee Error Code 43.

Method To Resolve McAfee Error Code 43:

1. Remove Temporary or Unwanted Files:

1. First you have to press the Window key+ R key at the same time in order to open the Run dialog box.

2. After this, you need to enter the command in the search box.

%temp% – This command will delete the temporary files from your operating system.

Recent – This command will remove all the recent files or folders from your operating system.

Prefetch – This command will make sure that the user is the administrator of the computer system.

3. You have to type the command in the provided space.

4. Now, you need to press ‘Enter’ key from your keyboard.

5. At this point, you need to check the boxes which are next to the files that you wish to remove.

6. Lastly, you have to hit on ‘Enter’ key in order to remove the required files or folders.  For more info, visit

2. Change Windows Registry Entry:

1. First, tap on the ‘start’ button and then visit to the search box in your computer system.

2. After this, you need to enter the ‘cmd.exe’ command in the given space and then hit on the Enter key.

3. Here, you will see the black-screened window appears on your computer screen.

4. At this point, you need to enter ‘regedit’ command in the black-screened window and then hit on enter option.

5. Then, you need to choose the McAfee Error Code 43 related key in the registry editor window.

6. Now, you have to select ‘export’ option from the file menu option.

7. Then, you have to select a folder in order to save the backup folder from the file menu.

8. Next, you have to enter the name for your backup file in the ‘filename’ box.

9. After this, you need to go to the ‘Export range box’ option.

10. Here, you have to select ‘selected branch’ from the options.

11. You just move forward and tap on the ‘save’ button.

12. It is advised you should save a file with ‘.reg’ extension in your operating system.

13. The user can now successfully create a backup for Error Code 43 registry entries.

 3. Install New McAfee Security Updates:

If the user wish to keep their McAfee product runs smooth, then they should keep their antivirus product up to date. Because updates fixes the bugs or patches in your device and it also protects your Computer from emerging threats which are created by scammers in order to damage your device.

These are some of the ways which helps to resolve McAfee error code 43. For more details, just go to the official site of McAfee via