How you can Activate McAfee Antivirus Product with Serial Number?

McAfee antivirus product is the best security software which protects your device from virus, Trojan, malware and other unusual threat and can install via In this blog, you will read the method to activate McAfee product with Serial number.

Method To Activate McAfee Antivirus Product with Serial Number:

McAfee serial number is 25 digits long with which the user can activate McAfee antivirus product.  The user can follow the below steps to activate McAfee product:

  1. First, you have to make a purchase. The user can buy the product online by going to the official McAfee website via Or, just go to the retail store and you will get the CD or a retail card. If it is a CD, then check the product should be of the latest updated version. But if it is a retail card, then it will contain the latest update of McAfee product. Now, you can access the McAfee serial number.
  2. Sometimes, you do not have to redeem the serial number which you receive via retail card or CD but in other cases, you can manually redeem it.
  3. In order, to redeem the serial number, visit to the official McAfee website through In this page, you have to type the credentials to finish the login process. If the user has a new account, then go to the sign up option and use the e-mail address, as you will get all the notifications or details related to McAfee account will be sent to your e-mail address.
  4. When you logged in or signed up, then search for McAfee security set up file. When you found it, then just download it in your computer.
  5. If you get serial number from a CD, then you have to put the CD in your personal computer system and move further to download all the necessary programs and just save all the files in your device.
  6. When you download, move further to run the set up files you have just downloaded and then activate your brand new McAfee software subscription.
  7. Here, a prompt tab will display on your screen and ask for a number of permissions.
  8. At this point, you should allow your computer to run the McAfee Software.
  9. Now, you should agree to all the terms and conditions and also accept the License Agreement.
  10. The user can customize the settings like changes in the location and language.
  11. At last, you have to do the installation of the software. So, you should tap on the Install button.
  12. When the installation is finished, then you should set up a password so that no one without your knowledge can be able to access your McAfee software subscription.
  13. When the product is activated, set up, downloaded and installed then you should reboot your system.
  14. After rebooting, the McAfee will scan all the potential threats like viruses, or security breach. If it finds any problems, then the software will inform you.

Through this way, the user can activate McAfee antivirus software with serial number. For more help, go to