How McAfee helps If Window 11 Touchpad Not Working?

If the user faces Window 11 Touchpad Not Working issue, then it might be because of dust and driver issues. Sometimes, the issue also occur because of third party antivirus as it interferes in your device, so you must install dedicated antivirus i.e. McAfee antivirus through To fix the issue, you must read the below method to resolve the problem.

Method To Fix If Window 11 Touchpad Not Working:

1. Restart your Device:

For this, first you have to save your work and after that, close all windows. Then, you have to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys altogether. Here, you will view your shutdown menu. Now, you should use the keyboard arrow keys in your laptop and then choose the Restart option. At last, you should tap on OK button and press Enter key.

2. Enable Touchpad by using Settings:

The user should tap on the Windows key + I together. Then in the Settings app, you should tap on Bluetooth and devices. Now, you should tap on the touchpad which is on the right side. At last, you should Switch on the toggle which is under the touchpad.

3. Update your Touchpad Driver:

To update driver, you need to hit on Windows + R key at the same time. After this, key in the below command in Run dialog box and tap on OK button.


The Device Manager will display and just scroll down to Mice and other pointing devices. At this point, you should double-tap on the device in order to expand the driver list. In case, you do not find the touchpad on the Device Manager, then hit on Action from the menu. Here, you need to right-tap on the touchpad driver which is on the list. Just you have to choose the Update driver option and tap on OK button. After this, choose search automatically for drivers. With stable Internet connection, you can download update file for the driver. Now, follow the steps to successfully finish the procedure. At last, restart your device and then check your touchpad is working properly.

4. Reset your Touchpad:

To reset, you need to press Windows key + I together. Now, you should tap on Bluetooth and devices in the Settings app. After this, you should tap on the touchpad which is on the left side. Here, you need to Scroll to the bottom which is in the right side. At last, you should tap on Default to restore your previous settings.

5.  Install dedicated Antivirus:

First of all, for this you should uninstall your third party antivirus, as it might sometimes interfere in the working of the device. It is advised you should install a dedicated McAfee antivirus in your device through . It will scan your device on regular basis in order to protect from viruses and malware.

6. Disable Tablet Input Service:

To disable, you should press Win key + R key at the same time and then the Run dialog box will display on your screen. Now, Key in the below command and tap on OK button.


It will open the Services app and then find Tablet PC Input Service or TabletInputService.  Here, you should right-tap on the option and then choose Stop. At last, just Restart your device and check the issue.

For installing McAfee in your device, visit to the official site of McAfee via