Web-Control Works in McAfee Antivirus Software

Web-Control Works in McAfee Antivirus Software

McAfee web control is a browser protection solution in this the user can easily do browsing and surfing without the fear of online threat. It also helps in identifying the web based threat. Because of this feature you can easily download any app. It also helps in the update of McAfee site Advisor. This is the most trusted antivirus software. It filters the URL, detect and protect against the malware threat and viruses. To download McAfee antivirus just visit to the official site i.e. www.mcafee.com/activate.

McAfee EPO feature in McAfee Web Control:

EPO is the E Policy Orchestrator is the advanced feature of McAfee antivirus. This feature includes Client task, Dashboard, Managed system properties, Queries and report, and also permission sets. Client Task helps in the management and maintenance of the client computer system. Dashboard feature helps to keep an eye in your environment. Managed System Properties helps to manage your system properties in web control. You will also get many options in the policy category in the McAfee Web Control. In query and report feature you can create your own question and report.

Other feature of McAfee Web Control:

McAfee protect your system from dangerous websites by using safety rating. It detects the viruses which are there in your computer system with the help of McAfee security scan. If there is a threat or virus it will disable automatically and gives the alert sign to the computer system.

Working of Web Control in McAfee Antivirus:

The administrator can control the web control system in McAfee Antivirus and the user can also visit the website. The web control request for the URL reputation and the color of the icon will show you the safety ratings of the site. If the icon is green in color this means that the web control is allowing you to display the web pages but if the URL is unrated in McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) then it means web control allows you to block the URL. If the URL is not a malicious, then the web control will allow you to download the file. Web Control sends the unknown file for scanning, after the scanning you can download the file. McAfee Web control sends the details and event to the McAfee EPO.

Disable McAfee Web Control:

The icon which displays the safety rating is grey in color or in case of policy setting you can disable McAfee Web Control by using the McAfee EPO server. First go to the menu options then go to the policy button. After this select the endpoint security web control. Then select the option from the category list. After selecting the option select the name in the policy then arrange the setting in the Web control division. Then click save option. Then apply the setting and wait for few minutes.

If you can’t set McAfee web control in your computer system then you can contact to the www.mcafee.com/retailcard for help. For more assistance call on their toll free number.