What To Do After Healthcare Data Breach?

In case, you becomes the victim of identity thieves then you should immediately take below steps so that you do not suffer more loss. To secure your valuable information. In this article, you will read what you should do after healthcare data breach.

Steps to Take After Healthcare Data Breach:

1. Confirm the Breach That your Information was Exposed:

When the breach occurred, you should first confirm the breach. Because, if incase the user received an email which says that a data breach has occurred, then you should not believe it immediately because this is not enough. As it might be from scammers, who just want to get your personal information. So, it is recommended you should not respond to malicious emails. You should visit directly to the company’s website or you can also call the company in order to confirm the breach. It is suggested you should also check it out that individual information was compromised or not.

2. Check Which Type of Data was Stolen:

Secondly, you should check which type of data was stolen. Because, if your exposed data was your credit card information, then the victim can call the card issuer in order to cancel and replace the credit card. If incase, your Social Security number (SSN) and your other personally identifiable information (PII) was stolen, then it will be more risky. Because, this information helps the hacker to steal your identity and also they can use that data in other ways such as visit to the doctor.  In healthcare data breaches, hackers steal your information just to receive medical treatment free of cost and also other things which are covered by your insurance.

3. Change your Online Credentials:

When you came to know, that data breach has occurred then immediately you should change your online login information, passwords and also the security questions-and-answers of the breached accounts and other accounts that have similar login information and passwords. The user should also implement the two-factor authentication on their online accounts as it will add an additional layer of protection to their online accounts. The user can also take the help of password managers for creating strong passwords and storing all your passwords in it.

4. Take Additional Actions:

In case, your social security number was stolen and you becomes the victim of Identity thieves then you should take some additional actions to secure your medical records. You should go to your doctor’s office and ask for copies of your medical records just to check that your identity is not used by hackers. Also you should go to your health care providers and just ask them with whom they’ve shared your protected health information. You should also check your Healthcare Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) just to check that thieves aren’t using your benefits. Most importantly, you should check your credit reports just to verify that thieves are not aren’t using your credit cards, racking up charges and also damaging your credit history.

These are some of the steps which you should take immediately after the Health Care Data Breach. Additionally, the user must install McAfee antivirus via www.mcafee.com/activate in your device, just to secure yourself from phishing emails and other internet threats.